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Threatz Spits “The Game” for Freestyle Series

New York, NY -- Threatz, the Bronx up-and-comer who earned reader acclaim for "'90 'Til Infinity" and "Flow," has stepped into the Booth to bring us... Read More
Posted about 7 years ago by richard

ThreatZ Lets Out “Big Dreams” with TreaZon and Dasanto [Download]

Bronx, New York -- In anticipation of the impending release of The Breaking Point (said to be "coming soon,") "Flow" emcee Threatz is offering a cut... Read More
Posted 7 years ago by richard

TreaZon Continues “45 Days” Series with “Royal Sadness” and “Ventilation” [Free Download]

New York, NY -- Earlier this month, we featured "Final Bout" and "Time Machine," the first two entries in Treazon's Booth-exclusive 45 Days, a series... Read More
Posted 7 years ago by richard

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