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YG - Pop It, Shake It ft. DJ Mustard

By DJ Z | about 3 months ago
Artist(s): YG

The Return of So-Called “Conscious Rap” in Trump’s New America

By Hershal Pandya | 4 months ago
With a reservoir of injustice for artists to tap into under Trump, will listeners respond by actually, you know, listening?

A Series of Unfortunate Events: When Tragedy Strikes The Studio

By Yoh | about 5 months ago
Studios are holy temples, festival grounds, but they are also home to unfortunate tragedies.
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Xavier Omär - Afraid (prod. by Bizness Boi)

7 Best Rap Protest Songs of 2016

By Tara Mahadevan | 6 months ago
Some of our favorite artists successfully used their platform to spread uplifting and inspiring messages.

YG - Trill ft. Lil Wayne

By Brendan V | 6 months ago
Artist(s): YG

YG’s “FDT” Movement is the Best Hip-Hop Moment of 2016 #BOTBAwards

By Yoh | 6 months ago
YG standing tall against Donald Trump during the 2016 election is the best hip-hop moment of 2016.

YG - I’m A Thug Pt. 2

By Brendan V | about 7 months ago
Artist(s): YG

Fuck Def Jam: YG’s Pissed Over ‘Red Friday’ Leak, But is the Label to Blame?

By DJ Z | about 7 months ago
Eventually, when iTunes murders the digital download and on-demand streaming is the only game in town, leaks will be dead.
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