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J. Cole

Right up until the fourth quarter of 2011, there were those who thought that J. Cole was destined to stumble and fall under the weight of over-the-top hype and high expectations. Guess they underestimated the depth of the Roc Nation rapper-producer's talent—not to mention the loyalty of his fanbase. With the critical and (more surprisingly) commercial coup that was Cole World: The Sideline Story, the Carolina spitter singlehandedly silenced the doubters and cemented his status as the success story of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, J. Cole has arrived.

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Mac Miller Artwork

Mac Miller

Like it or not, Mac Miller is the blueprint for hip-hop in the digital age. Mac built a movement of supporters from the ground up by truly connecting with fans and making the music he wanted to make, resulting in the astounding success of his recently-released debut album, Blue Slide Park. How astounding? It was the first indie rap album to debut at #1 in nearly 20 years. That's no fluke, that's proof that Miller is changing the landscape of hip-hop. Not too bad for a kid from Pittsburgh, huh?

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