Best Mixtape/Street Album of 2009

Reader's Pick


Drake "So Far Gone"

The only 2009 mixtape that would have made a more-than-solid showing in our “Best Album” category, the hotly-anticipated So Far Gone marked Drake's transition from “buzzworthy up-and-comer” to “hip-hop megastar” Featuring the T-Dot native's Billboard-smashing debut single, “Best I Ever Had,” in addition to acclaimed cuts like “I'm Going In” and “Uptown,” SfG is destined to go down in history as one of the most “Successful” street releases of all time.

Staff Pick


XV "Everybody's Nobody"

So Far Gone was damn good, and The Warm Up was absolutely deserving in its own right, but ultimately it was XV's Everybody's Nobody that earned a place in our stereos week after week, month after month. Great mixtapes become part of our lives, and in 2009 XV was playing the background while we ate, while we worked and while we...well, let's just say we've got some very happy memories of Everybody's Nobody.

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