Best R&B/Pop Record of 2013 (Independent)

Reader's Pick

G-Eazy - I Don't Believe You ft. Team Robot Artwork

G-Eazy - I Don't Believe You ft. Team Robot

It might be weird that G-Eazy's I Don't Believe You is considered a R&B/Pop Record since it goes as hard as your regular club anthem, but that just goes to show why you picked it. G-Eazy's own beat is catchy and poppy, but has some cutting-drums and a swaying vibe to it which gives it the flavor of a liquor soaked trap/club banger. So too does the Team Robot hook, which is energetic and quotable, powering the song to greatness and keeping the drinks flowing. Atop the beat, Eazy too bends styles, his softer, slurred flow is definitely poppy but his braggadocios, often x-rated lyrics, give I Don't Believe You song more attitude than your average pop cut. I Don't Believe You's victory is well-deserved.

Staff Pick

Bad Rabbits - Doin' It Artwork

Bad Rabbits - Doin' It

Whenever the summer rolls around, finding those epic cuts to make your party pop off is essential. There are, however, those truly awesome summer songs that transcend the season, appropriate for even the coldest day in December; enter Bad Rabbits and Doin' It. The fun-loving Boston quintet's second single off American Love might have dropped in May, but its funky intoxicating style is perfect for any month. As frontman Dua Boakye belts out some risque bedroom/dancefloor friendly lyrics the carefree, dance-able vibe is set off by his bandmates' bass-heavy instrumentals; they are perfect for getting booties shakin' even if they are wearing snow boots and a parka. It might have been a summer cut but the intoxicating, fun loving vibe of Doin' It made it our pick for Best (Indie) R&B/Pop Record of 2013.

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