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4 Ways DJ Insurance Is Mixed For You

As a professional DJ, you customize your rhythm and music to each crowd and venue. You should expect the same customization from your DJ insurance company. That’s why Insurance Canopy created both an event and annual DJ policy that is mixed to your needs.

[Review] Soundways Core Production Bundle

While many producers first focus on purchasing EQ’s, Compressors, and other effect plugins to expand the basic capabilities of their DAW, many of these investments will be for nought if room correction and monitoring issues aren’t dealt with first; after all, the best EQ plugin on the market isn’t all that useful in a room with problematic resonances or with monitors that are hyping one part of the frequency spectrum.  Accurate monitoring is the most important factor to address in any studio, and over the past several years, we’ve seen a handful of new plugin companies aim to tackle the issues encountered in many non-professional mixing environments.

Soundways, a new plugin company, aims to do exactly this with their Reveal plugin, which seeks to clarify the most critical areas of a mix for the human ear and help producers and engineers make better mixing decisions, regardless of their monitoring setup.  In this review, we’ll put the Reveal plug-in (as well as their Core Production Bundle) through its paces to see if it can deliver on its promise of faster, more reliable, and more accurate mixing.

The Ultimate DJ Store—The DJ Hookup Acquires Pro DJ Sound

Our new partner DJ store, The DJ Hookup, has just announced that they have acquired Pro DJ Sound which is a Chicago-based Pro-Audio retailer.  This new acquisition positions The DJ Hookup to brings them one step closer to becoming the “Zappos of DJ gear” and it positions The DJ Hookup to serve thousands more DJs with award-winning service and “give-first” philosophy…  Check out the full press release and link to their online store for the best prices possible on all Pro Audio and DJ gear.

Mixfader PT01 Scratch Dock [Video]

A few months ago, we gave you a full review of the new Numark PT01 Scratch Portable DJ turntable with an internal crossfader switch that allows DJ’s to cut without needing anything extra.  The king of all portable faders has now created a cool new dock attachment that allows users to switch out the crossfader switch for a Mixfader.

[Review] Gibraltar DJ Radius Deck

Gibraltar DJ makes some really sturdy and great looking workstations for DJ’s that use many different setups and styles.  Gibraltar decided to send us one of their workstations to see how it would hold up to the tests.  Here we test out the Radius Deck to see how its made and how well it works with different DJ gear.  Check out our quick walkthrough video after the jump.

DeoxIT F-Series FaderLube [Video]

CAIG has been in the game of preserving and saving electronics from damage, wear & tear, and all types of accidents that can occur for a very long time now.  They even brought us FaderLube that will provide adequate lubrication and protection from damage and oxidation for mixer faders.  They also have a full line of F-Series FaderLube products that CAIG took the time to send over so we can give you the lowdown on these products and how they can preserve mixer faders and knobs to make them feel like they did on the first day they left the assembly line.

[Review] Belva BDRS-12BLU & 12P Speakers

Belva is a new player in the PA speaker system market and they sent us a new Belva BDRS-12BLU and BDRS-12P 12-inch woofer powered speakers to put them through the paces to see if they would work well for beginner or entry-level DJ use.  These inexpensive powered speakers have a plethora of inputs/outputs, rugged molded enclosures, and a built-in Mixer with a two-band EQ to get the levels just right.  Check out our review video inside.

[Review] DJ Tech DJ BOOMBOX

DJ Tech has just released a cool new product for 2016 called the DJ BOOMBOX.  This new device looks a lot like the huge music boxes from back in the day that people used to carry with them everywhere to play the radio and cassette tapes.  DJ Tech updates this old format by bringing out the new DJ BOOMBOX that allows users to connect microphones, Bluetooth devices, and auxillary RCA & TRS inputs while playing back the sound through the dual five-inch woofers & one-inch tweeters.  Check out our full video review after the jump.

Master & Dynamic MW60 Headphones Unboxing [Video]

Master & Dynamic has just released a new set of professional over-the-ear headphones that also has bluetooth wireless capability.  The new MW60 Headphones have an all metal construction for durability and high quality leather components and cushions for the headband/earcups for superior comfort.  The Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones that we reviewed last year were GREAT for DJ use and we’ll check to see how the MW60 stacks up as well.  We’re working on the full review video, but check out our quick unboxing and first impressions video to see all that comes in the box.

Mixware: US Mixars Distributor

Mixware.net is always bringing cool new products from the European market over here to the United States.  The latest company to add to their huge roster is the new DJ Equipment company called Mixars.  We’re very excited about this news because that means we will get to review the new mixers and turntables that were announced at NAMM 2016 including the new Mixars Serato DVS enabled DUO mixer and the Super-OEM LTA turntable

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