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Dope New Tropkillaz Roland DJ-808 Performance [Video]

Serato DJ has just released a new cool performance video showing Tropkillaz creating a live mashup using two Roland DJ-808 Controllers.  These controllers have the built in sequencer from Roland and all the other Serato DJ features that DJ’s need to create great performances like this. Check out or full review of the Roland DJ-808 Controller and peep the new performance video by Tropkillaz to see what can be done on this cool machine.

Denon DJ Prime Setup @ Dancefair 2017 [Video]

We were on hand at the NAMM 2017 show earlier this year and got a sneak peak at the full Denon DJ Prime setup which includes turntables, new decks, and a dope four channel mixer.  The Denon DJ Prime setup was back in action and in public at Dancefair 2017 where DJ’s finally got to put their hands on the new gear and see just how good it performs in person.  Check out the quick video, then our full NAMM 2017 Denon DJ Prime coverage videos after the jump.

[Review] V-MODA Remix Bluetooth Speaker & Headphone Amp

The V-MODA Remix is a combination of a Bluetooth speaker and a Headphone Amplifier that works perfectly with the V-MODA excellent line of headphones.  The V-MODA Remix has excellent sound quality as a Bluetooth speaker, superb sound quality as a headphone amp, and is very solid and durable for taking it on the go in various situations.  Check out our full video review to see how it works for DJ’s!

V-MODA Remix Unboxing [Video]

The V-MODA Remix Bluetooth speaker and headphone amp was just announced yesterday and we’ve already got our unit in the lab for the full out review treatment.  This all metal speaker is heavy but small meaning it may pack a big punch in a small package.  Check out our quick unboxing video to see all that comes in the package and stay tuned for the full video review launching tomorrow!

V-MODA Remix Headphone Amp & BT Speaker [Video]

V-MODA has just announced a new product called the V-MODA Remix which is a combination of a Bluetooth speaker and a Headphone Amplifier that works perfectly with their excellent line of headphones.  The V-MODA Remix is also the first 3D-Printed Fully Faceted Custom Product with Hi-Fi Sound Quality.  The body of the Remix can be fully customized to fit the style of the user.

Swizz Beatz & Just Blaze Beat Battle [Video]

Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze were both at the Hot 97 studio recently where they had a classic battle of their beats using DJ gear.  The video starts out with Swizz and Just using the recently reviewed Roland DJ-808 Serato DJ controller to show off their skills.  The Roland DJ-808 is a top tier DJ controller with the built in Roland TR drum maschine/sequencer and it worked perfectly for this dope battle.

Turntablism Meets Soul Music: Asian Hawk [Video]

Asian Hawk just destroyed a new set over at DJcityTV where he fuses a bit of R&B live performance with turntablism.  The results are so DOPE.  Great mic skills, great composition skills, and great turntable wizardry allows him to pull off a nice routine that is different than the others.

Numark NS6II [Video]

Numark has just announced a new update to their first super-successful professional Serato DJ controller.  It’s called the Numark NS6II and it sports the same all-metal durability and four channels of Serato DJ control with the new pad modes and functions with on-board LCD screens in the center of the jog wheels to bring it into the new realm of DJ controllers.  Check out the full press release, video, and details after the jump.

Asthmafunk vs Skratch Funktion LA - Scratch Battle Mixars DUO [Video]

Lately we’ve been bringing you videos from the Mixars booth at NAMM 2017 showing lots of turntablist giving the business to their Mixars DUO mixer with the all new Galileo crossfader with the Mixars LTA turntables.  Now we’ve got a longer team scratch battle video that took place at their NAMM 2017 booth which included Asthmafunk vs Skratch Funktion LA.  Check out this insane battle video inside.

Serato DJ 1.9.6 Released! [Videos]

After last month’s public Beta of Serato DJ 1.9.6, the official release is here and ready to go!  The new Serato DJ 1.9.6 contains a host of improvements especially for DVS DJ’s like me, including Anti-Drift Tempo, sticker lock sensitivity, and Smart Sync Options.  Everyone else gets increased stability along with normal bug fixes and official support for the Reloop RMX-90 DVS Mixer.  Peep the videos and details inside.

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