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Rane Sold to InMusic (Numark, Denon DJ, Akai) [Video]

Earlier this week, news broke that Rane DJ would be sold to InMusic Brands which include such brands as Numark, Denon DJ, Akai, Alesis, M-Audio, Alto Professional and many more.  What does this mean for the DJ Industry?  Will Rane’s stellar build quality remain the same after the takeover?  Check out our quick News Video as we discuss what this means for the DJ Realm…

DJ Nu-Mark - “The Last 4 Records on Earth”

Akai has posed the question of what four records would DJ’s bring with them if they only had those four records to play forever… DJ Nu-Mark gives his take on the question but you can join in on the conversation in the video comments section to let us know what your four records would be!

Alesis Announces SRP100 Studio Headphones

Alesis has just announced their newest affordable studio quality reference headphones called the SRP100.  These new headphones are advertised as the perfect studio monitoring headphone for producers on a budget that still want high quality components and a sound signature that will accurately reproduce the source material when making music.

Numark Acquires Sonivox For Virtual Instrument Technology

Numark and it’s sister companies are positioning themselves to be the go-to company for everything that has to do with the manipulation, playback, and creation of music.  The Jack O’Donnell group has now added Sonivox to their current lineup that consists of Numark, Akai Pro, Alesis, Alto Pro and ION Audio.  The Sonivox acquisition means that the company now has an investment into Virtual Instrument Technology that is compatible with desktop’s, laptop’s, PC’s, Mac’s, iOS and many other devices.  Check out the full press release inside.

NAMM 2012: Alesis MIDI Keyboards

Alesis has announced three new USB MIDI keyboard controllers at this year’s NAMM show in California.  The Q-series USB MIDI controllers can easily connect to any Mac, PC, iOS devices and other MIDI modules, samplers, and synthesizers.  There is a Q61 (a 61-key controller), a QX61 (a 61-key controller with programmable drumpads, knobs, and faders), and a QX25 (a 25-key controller with drumpads, knobs and buttons).  Check the full press release inside for more information and prices.

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