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Mixvibes Remixlive App [Video]

Say you are a DJ and you realize that music production is not your strong suit, and you do not know what to do. You go online and search for answers but you don’t really find anything that really helps. You hear of DAWs and the full power that they give you to make and create remixes but it is not something you want to invest in. Mixvibes might have a solution.

Cross DJ for Android & IOS 3.0

Mixvibes just released a new version of their app for IOS with a redesign. It is also now a universal app, which will be explained down below. The app for Android and for IOS are pretty much an identical experience, which I think is a necessary feature for people that own devices on both platforms.

In The Xone with Asher Perkins [Video]

We’ve recently reviewed the new Allen & Heath Xone:23c two channel mixer and their new companion controller called the Xone:K1.  We found this new compact setup to be very well built, robust, and a great tool for all types of DJ’s.  Asher Perkins who is a cool DJ and performer from Michigan uses the Xone:23c and Xone:K2 in a unique way.  Check out his quick video review of the setup and watch him explain why he chose to use Allen & Heath gear for his performances.

Mixvibes Cross 2.0 For Android

The new Mixvibes Cross DJ App for the Android system is now getting better and better with its latest 2.0 release.  In this newest Cross DJ iteration, the software now allows DJ’s to manipulate and scratch using the waveforms, separate navigation tabs for easy use, key detection, and a BPM synced sampler for mixing.

Mixvibes Cross 3.3 Track Match

The new version 3.3 update for Mixvibes Cross adds a cool new Track Match feature which shows DJ’s songs that are available within their library that will match via BPM and Key with the song that is currently playing.  The Mixvibes Cross 3.3 software update also adds support for 64-bit operating systems for better overall performance, stability, and quality.

Allen & Heath Xone:23C Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The new Allen & Heath two-channel Xone:23C professional DJ mixer has excellent build quality, an internal USB DJ soundcard with DVS capabilities, Mixvibes LE software, and an X:Link connector to easily link to other Allen & Heath Xone:K series controllers.  The Xone:23C is also like a 2+2 channel mixer since it has separate gain knobs for each of the four RCA inputs on the rear of the mixer.  Watch our unboxing & first impressions video while we work on the review.

Mixvibes Cross DJ Now with SoundCloud

The brand new Cross DJ software update that was recently released will now allow users to mix music found on SoundCloud.  Users can now stream the music from SoundCloud and mix/record using the new Cross DJ software update that will work on many different platforms including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.  This new update opens up a whole new world of mixing possibilities especially for those DJ’s who couldn’t find that exclusive remix anywhere else.

Mixvibes Cross DVS Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The brand new Mixvibes Cross DVS package that works with any DJ soundcard has now been released and can be purchased at retailers everywhere for the new low price of only $99.  The new Mixvibes Cross DVS package comes with the Mixvibes timecode vinyl and the powerful Mixvibes software in order to get started.  The user needs to add a mixer, a soundcard, a computer, turntables/CDJ’s, and music to start spinning.  We have a new Mixvibes DVS package in the Lab for the full review treatment, but we’ve unboxed these vinyl on camera to see what’s included in the package…

New: Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.1 & DJ Competition

Mixvibes has just released the new Cross DJ 3.1 software update that allows users to easily record their mixes and share them directly to Youtube, Soundcloud, or Mixcloud with ease.  This new release also brings new video feature updates, EQ mixing updates, and new MIDI and HID support for hte new Pioneer DDJ-SB, Numark iDJ Live II, and the Pioneer CDJ-900Nexus.  There’s also a prized competition to commemorate the latest release.

Mixvibes Cross DVS Announced

Mixvibes has just announced a new and affordable Digital Vinyl System package that includes the powerful Mixvibes Cross 3 software (now with full video mixing capabilities) and two timecode vinyl that will allow DJ’s to use almost any 4-in/4-out soundcard for Digital vinyl software control.  This new Mixvibes Cross DVS package will come in at a bargain for only $149.

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