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Pioneer DJM-S3 & DDJ-SR2 Announced! [Videos]

Pioneer has just announced two new pieces of DJ gear that is sure to please the Serato DJ fans.  First they have the Pioneer DJM-S3 which is a 2-channel Serato DJ Mixer that is basically a DJM-250MK2 made for Serato DJ.  Secondly, they have announced the new DDJ-SR2 which is an updated 2-channel Serato DJ controller that adds new features and functions to the original DDJ-SR.

Serato 7” Routine: Scizzorhands x Pi-Jazz [Video]

The portablist scene has taken the DJ world by storm and even Serato is getting in the mix by releasing 7-inch Serato Tone Control vinyl for digital playback.

DJ Cable & DJ Complexion - Denon DJ MC7000 Dual Performance [Video]

Denon DJ has just released a new video showing their MC7000 Serato DJ controller in a cool performance by DJ Cable and DJ Complexion.  This demo shows lots of the capabilities of this powerful four-channel Serato DJ controller.

Questlove Releases Serato 7-inch Vinyl Set [Video]

Famous drummer and DJ Questlove from the Roots has just released a dope 7x7” vinyl set that has Serato DJ vinyl control tone on one side and sick break beats done by Questlove on the other.

[Review] Reloop RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ Mixer

The new Reloop RMX-90 is a four channel club style mixer with 12 on-board Beat effects, internal soundcard with Serato DJ DVS capability (for two channels at a time), a USB hub, and individual channel filters.  Check out our quick review video to see if the Reloop RMX-90 is the choice for you.

DJ Carisma Serato Control Vinyl [Video]

Serato is always coming out with new Control Vinyl for various artists that they work with and that use their software.  This time we have a new Serato Control Vinyl featuring Serato Artist DJ Carisma.  DJ Carisma is a huge West Coast radio DJ who works with some of the hottest hip-hop talent around.  Check out the quick interview and see the tracks on the new DJ Carisma Serato Control Vinyl.

Reloop RMX-90 DVS Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

Reloop is released the new RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ mixer back at NAMM 2017 and we were there with an exclusive first look. The new Reloop RMX-90 is a four channel club style mixer with 12 on-board Beat effects, internal 8x8 soundcard with Serato DJ DVS capability for all four channels, a USB hub, and individual channel filters. We now have one in the lab for the full out review treatment but we’ll complete a quick unboxing and first impressions video in the meantime.

Serato launches Sampler Plug-In Beta [Video]

Great news from DJ Software Juggernaut Serato. This time around they’ve given us a beta program Sampling music and directly using it with your favorite DAW system. Including FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, and NI Maschine are current supported software (may work with other DAW’s but not currently supported through beta).

DJ Prolifix on Mixars DUO [Video]

We were on hand at the NAMM 2017 show this year and we brought you an exclusive look at both their new Quattro Serato DJ Mixer and the new PRIMO Serato DJ controller. While we were there we also ran into a few famous DJ’s that were cutting it up on the recently reviewed Mixars DUO Serato DJ mixer and the STA turntables that were setup in the booth. DJ Prolifix had a quick 2-minute session to try out the decks and that new Galileo fader that Mixars just posted to their youtube channel. Check out the quick performance and demo and our Mixars NAMM 2017 coverage videos.

Check Out Chris Karn’s Serato DJ Setup [Video]

Chris Karns is one of the best Turntablists in the game and I got a chance to meet him over at the Mixars Booth at NAMM 2017 earlier this year.  He’s a former DMC champ and now he dedicates most of his time to new routines and performances all around the world.  Check out this new Serato DJ video that has Chris Karns showing his Serato setup and what he uses to rock the crowds.

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