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Top 5 Flagship 4-channel DJ Controllers (2017-2018)

Watch our rundown of the top 5 flagship 4-channel DJ Controllers for 2017-2018.

[Review] Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 Mixer

The new Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 is a four channel DJ mixer that has sturdy build quality, built-in effects, an internal USB soundcard that is Traktor Scratch Certified, and an advanced send/receive system for external effects modules.  Check out our full review video to see the full rundown of the Xone:PX5 and check out the review summary below to see our thoughts on the entire package.

New Traktor Remix Sets by Soma Records Artists

It’s been a while since we’ve posted one of these STEMS releases by Native Instruments for Traktor Pro, but they’ve always been cranking these out on an almost weekly basis while increasing the STEMS library for its DJ users.  This week, NI releases a new STEMS pack featuring artists from the Soma Records label including six tracks by Deepbass, Gemini Voice Archive, Petrichor, and SLV.

Turntablism Meets Soul Music: Asian Hawk [Video]

Asian Hawk just destroyed a new set over at DJcityTV where he fuses a bit of R&B live performance with turntablism.  The results are so DOPE.  Great mic skills, great composition skills, and great turntable wizardry allows him to pull off a nice routine that is different than the others.

MASCHINE & TRAKTOR With Ableton-Link [Video]

The MASCHINE and TRAKTOR workflows can now easily sync together with the use of the Ableton Link software that allows many different platforms to work in harmony without the use of an additional MIDI clock style setup.  The MASCHINE 2.5.5 update is out now on Native Access, and TRAKTOR PRO 2.11 update is out now on the Service Center which will allow the Ableton Link to communicate with the two.

Native Instruments Thanksgiving Sales! [Video]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the regulars who celebrate the holiday here in the US.  Native Instruments has decided (once again) to extend a huge sale in honor of the holiday giving everyone 50% off of their popular software such as Maschine Expansions, Traktor Pro 2, and other popular software.  This deal only lasts until December 5th so check out the info and details before its too late.

Traktor Pro 2.11 Update & Pioneer NSX2 Compatibility [Videos]

Just yesterday Native Instruments introduced the new 2.11 update to Traktor Pro software that enables Ableton Link so that all software can sync together, a new built in sequencer for adding to the mix, and they’ve also added Pioneer DJM-900NSX2 and CDJ-2000NXS2 hardware integration to the mix as well.  This is a huge update for Traktor users.  Check out the full explanation videos and more inside.


The Invisibl Skratch Piklz is definitely my favorite turntablist DJ team of all time.  They have recently been touring everywhere and showing off their incredible turntable skills once again all over the world.  Just recently the Skratch Piklz hit the 2016 XGAMES to put on a quick performance for the masses.  Check out this dope video after the jump.

NI Mixcloud DJ Mix Competition

Native Instruments has launched a mix competition with Mixcloud where participants need to record a 30-minute TRAKTOR mix and share it on Mixcloud with the #PLAYSTEMS hashtag before June 12. Three winners will be selected by house music legend Carl Cox and there will be a host of cool prizes for the winners.  Check out the rules and prizes after the jump.

NI: STEMS Anniversary & Savings

It’s already been one year since Native Instruments has shown us where they see the market headed. STEMS is their baby and they have come out in full support of it.  And with the one year anniversary of STEMS, they are bringing you the opportunity of saving on two of the current products that support this format until May 31. The S5 and the D2 are each going to save you up to $200 dollars. That is a lot of time to think and make a decision if this right for you. Usually NI does one month sales but you are getting two months, so no rush.

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