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DeoxIT F-Series FaderLube [Video]

CAIG has been in the game of preserving and saving electronics from damage, wear & tear, and all types of accidents that can occur for a very long time now.  They even brought us FaderLube that will provide adequate lubrication and protection from damage and oxidation for mixer faders.  They also have a full line of F-Series FaderLube products that CAIG took the time to send over so we can give you the lowdown on these products and how they can preserve mixer faders and knobs to make them feel like they did on the first day they left the assembly line.

Pioneer DJM-450, DDJ-WeGO4, & WeDJ Announced [Videos]

Early this morning Pioneer DJ announced three new products for DJ’s.  The first is the Pioneer DJM-450 mixer which is a compact, two-channel mixer with Beat FX, Sound Color FX, and Rekordbox DVS compatibility straight out of the box.  The next is the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4 which is an update to the WeGO lineup for beginner DJ’s and comes bundled with the FULL Rekordbox DJ software.  The last is the Pioneer WeDJ which is an iPad app that allows DJ’s to spin using the iPad.

Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 Mixer [Video]

Today Allen & Heath has officially launched the new Xone:PX5 Mixer.  This new four channel mixer has sturdy build quality, built-in effects, an internal USB soundcard, and an advanced send/receive system for external effects modules.  Check out the press release and intro video.

Mixars DUO Mixer: Serato DJ Effects Controls [Video]

Last month we reviewed the Mixars DUO Serato DJ mixer and found that it was a great two-channel mixer for DJ’s who want MIDI controls and a built in soundcard for Serato DJ without breaking the bank.  This new cost-effective solution has good on-board effects controls for Serato DJ as well.  We will explore the effects controls on the Mixars DUO mixer in our newest video after the jump.


The Invisibl Skratch Piklz is definitely my favorite turntablist DJ team of all time.  They have recently been touring everywhere and showing off their incredible turntable skills once again all over the world.  Just recently the Skratch Piklz hit the 2016 XGAMES to put on a quick performance for the masses.  Check out this dope video after the jump.

American Audio 10 MXR BT - Bluetooth Mixer [Video]

American Audio released a new line of MXR mixers back in 2012 that had good connectivity options, MIDI controls, and good build quality in an affordable package.  This year American Audio has released a new 10 MXR BT Bluetooth mixer that has the same build quality and connectivity options as well as a new feature that allows DJ’s to connect Bluetooth devices as well.  Check out this quick rundown video of the features on this new 10-inch Bluetooth mixer.

[Review] Mixars DUO Serato DJ Mixer

The Mixars DUO Mixer is a digital battle “budget” mixer that comes with Serato DJ and has an internal soundcard for DVS playback.  The DUO comes with a mini Innofader crossfader and a full body metal construction. The DUO has a built-in 2-port USB hub, effects knobs and buttons, file navigation controls and 8 RGB backlit performance pads for hot cues and SP6 sampler control.  Check out our full video review to see how the DUO stacks up.

[Review] Numark Dashboard

Numark released a brand new triple-screen device called the Dashboard which will allow users to connect it to any Serato DJ setup in order to view most of the valuable information DJ’s need such as waveforms, track information, effects, and more.  The Dashboard has three screens that are attached to an adjustable stand and can connect to any Serato DJ controller or DVS setup that is out there.  Watch our full video review after the jump.

[Review] Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Mixer

Pioneer has just updated its Flagship club four-channel DJ mixer and we now have one in the DJbooth.net lab for the full out review treatment.  The Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 now has dual USB ports, a mini-headphone jack, soundcolor effects parameter knob, new beat FX, an OLED display, better sound quality, and an FX Frequency Selector that allows the user to select the EQ range to apply the effect.  Peep our new video review inside.

[Review] DJ Tech DJ BOOMBOX

DJ Tech has just released a cool new product for 2016 called the DJ BOOMBOX.  This new device looks a lot like the huge music boxes from back in the day that people used to carry with them everywhere to play the radio and cassette tapes.  DJ Tech updates this old format by bringing out the new DJ BOOMBOX that allows users to connect microphones, Bluetooth devices, and auxillary RCA & TRS inputs while playing back the sound through the dual five-inch woofers & one-inch tweeters.  Check out our full video review after the jump.

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