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NAMM 2016: Gemini SDJ-2000

Gemini DJ has just announced a brand new all in one standalone DJ system with a built-in seven-inch screen and the ability to playback files using USB hard drives instead of a laptop.  The Gemini SDJ-2000 will work with a music management software called VCase which will allow users to setup their music libraries, loops, and cue points similar to Pioneer’s Rekordbox or Denon’s Engine.  The SDJ-2000 can also connect to additional Gemini MDJ-1000 units to share the same music library from a single USB source.

[NAMM 2013] Gemini G4V Controller Announced

Gemini is coming to the NAMM 2013 with a bag full of tricks.  The second Digital DJ controller announced by Gemini for this week’s show is the G4V.  The Gemini G4V looks to be a four-deck controller with eight performance pads over each of the 14-bit high-res Jog Wheels.  The Gemini G4V will come bundled with an edition of Virtual DJ and will enable users to control up to four decks at a time.  There’ s no official press release as of yet, but check out my breakdown after the jump.

[NAMM 2013] Gemini GMX Pro Announced

In advance of the NAMM 2013 show, Gemini DJ has announced a new all-in-one DJ controller and Mixstation that is capable of playing music through a USB device using Gemini’s own VASE internal music management system or by connecting it to a computer for DJ controller playback with the included Virtual DJ LE software.  Check out the full press release and my quick breakdown after the jump.

Gemini DJ End of Summer Savings

End of the summer got you down?  Gemini DJ is here to brighten up your day even if you are back at school and hating every minute of it.  Introducing the Gemini DJ End of Summer Savings Special.  The prices of all their table-top CD decks and new controllers have been dropped to put a smile on your face even if the weather is about to break.  Check out the special prices inside and get that Gemini tabletop CD deck that you’ve been looking at.

Gemini CDJ-650 Now Shipping!

The New Gemini CDJ-650 multi-media CD deck is now available for purchase worldwide.  A few months ago we brought you the full HD-Video review of the new Gemini CDJ-700 and we were surprised at its versatility and its overall quality of use during playback.  The Gemini CDJ-650 is the little-brother version of the CDJ-700 that basically has all the same features, but shrunken down into a more compact form-factor with a lower price.  Check out the press release inside.

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Gemini CDMP-7000 Rundown

While we were over at the Gemini Booth at the 2012 Atlantic City DJ Expo we were treated to the CDJ-650 rundown video and we were also given a full rundown video of the new CDMP-7000.  The Gemini DJ CDMP-7000 can work as a MIDI controller, a stand alone mixer, or independent CDJ-700’s with their own dedicated Line level outputs.  The Mixer can be used on its own and so can the decks.  Basically what we have here is a full 3-channel mixer with two CDJ-700’s mashed together into one unit.  Check the rundown video after the jump.

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Gemini CDJ-650 Rundown

Within the confines of the Gemini DJ Booth at this year’s 2012 Atlantic City DJ Expo, we were treated to a full rundown video of the newly released Gemini CDJ-650.  The CDJ-650 is the smaller and more compact version of the CDJ-700 while still giving DJ’s lots of features at an even better price-point.  The CDJ-650 has a slightly smaller color screen with smaller, but still responsive jog wheels.  We’re getting one for a full HD-Video review, but check out the rundown video straight from Gemini after the jump.

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Gemini Booth

Gemini DJ Division was at this year’s Atlantic City DJ Expo to show us their new CDJ lineup and their CDMP all-in-one DJ units.  The new CDJ-650 was on prominent display as well as the new CDMP-7000 digital DJ controller and standalone multi-media mixing console.  I’ll have rundown videos of both the CDJ-650 and the CDMP-7000 posted before the end of the day.  For now, check out the entire Gemini DJ Booth on the Expo Floor in case you missed it.

Gemini HSR-1000 Professional Headphones

Gemini has been cranking out some fine professional audio equipment as of late including their new powerful line of GVX series speakers, high quality wireless UHF style microphones, and now a top quality professional set of headphones to go with it.  Introducing the new Gemini HSR-1000 professional DJ and production headphones.  These headphones boast an over-the-ear style monitoring with 53mm drivers that completely cover the ears for excellent sound isolation and accurate reproduction.  Check out the video inside and cross your fingers for our HD-Video review.

Gemini CDJ-700 & CDMP-2700 Firmware Update

Gemini DJ Division has just released new firmware updates for the CDJ-700 and CDMP-2700.  The new firmware updates has a nice list of new improvements that will make current and potential owners rejoice.  We reviewed the CDJ-700 and thought it was a pretty tight unit.  The new upgrades should make it all work even tighter with better Jog wheel and vinyl effect latency improvements plus a whole lot more.  Check out the full list of improvements and the link to get your unit updated today.

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