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[Review] Pioneer DDJ-SR2

The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is an update to the original DDJ-SR which was one of my top-three favorite controllers of all time for Serato DJ.  The DDJ-SR2 has all the good features of the original unit and it adds RGB backlit color pads, XLR Balanced outputs, a Serato DJ club-kit ready soundcard for turntable or CDJ Timecode playback control, and Pitch N Time and Pitch Play controls.  It also comes bundled with the full version of the Serato DJ software as well as the Serato DJ Pitch N Time package to get you started.  Check out our full Video review and see the review summary below to see if the DDJ-SR2 is right for you.

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Unboxing & First Impressions Video

Check out the unboxing video of the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Controller

[Review] Pioneer DJ Rekordbox Interface 2

The Pioneer DJ Interface 2 is a Digital Vinyl Interface that allows DJ’s with any mixer to use Rekordbox DJ DVS with vinyl or CD timecode.  I knew this was definitely going to come out sooner or later if Pioneer DJ wanted the Rekordbox software to be accessible to all types of users.  Now DJ’s don’t have to shell out massive amounts of money to get a Rekordbox DJ DVS-ready mixer in order to play.
The Pioneer DJ Interface 2 costs $300 in the US and the package comes bundled with the full Rekordbox DJ software, Rekordbox DVS, two Rekordbox vinyl, and RCA and USB cables to get you started. There is also a link to burn a CD or wave file for a USB stick for CD Decks.  The Interface 2 can be USB powered or run on the power supply.  Check out the full unboxing and review videos to see our full rundown on the Interface 2.

Pioneer DJM-S3 & DDJ-SR2 Announced! [Videos]

Pioneer has just announced two new pieces of DJ gear that is sure to please the Serato DJ fans.  First they have the Pioneer DJM-S3 which is a 2-channel Serato DJ Mixer that is basically a DJM-250MK2 made for Serato DJ.  Secondly, they have announced the new DDJ-SR2 which is an updated 2-channel Serato DJ controller that adds new features and functions to the original DDJ-SR.

[DJ Expo 2017] Pioneer DJM-750MK2 Walkthrough Video

We were on hand at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ Earlier today to check out the Pioneer DJ booth and to see their newest gear. We were able to work with Stew to get the full rundown on the newly announced DJ Mixer called the Pioneer DJM-750MK2.

Pioneer DJM-750MK2 Mixer Announced! [Video]

Pioneer DJ has just revealed the newest in their lineup of Mixers earlier today.  The Pioneer DJM-750MK2 is a new four-channel DJ mixer that includes lots of features from the flagship DJM-9000NXS2 while still coming in at a more affordable pricepoint.  The Pioneer DJM-750MK2 has four sound color effects, 12 beat effects, Low/Mid/Hi Beat effects EQ, USB effects send/return, Rekordbox DVS soundcard, a Magvel Crossfader, and lots of inputs and outputs to work with any setup.

[Review] Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1

The new Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1 was created in conjunction with Dave Smith and is a great synthesizer for live performances and studio production. The TORAIZ AS-1 features a 64-Step sequencer, rubber pads for playback, a bright OLED display, USB and MIDI ports, all in a metal chassis.

The TORAIZ AS-1 follows the suit of the first TORAIZ SP-16 Step sequencer where Pioneer DJ is starting to test the waters of the production and live performance realm. This TORAIZ AS-1 reminds me of the older Roland synths and even some of the newer Akai sequencers as well.  Check out our full review video below from DSTAR to see a full breakdown of the TORAIZ AS-1.

[Review] Pioneer DJM-450 Mixer

Just yesterday we reviewed the Pioneer DJM-250MK2 mixer and today we have the older sibling in the lab for the same review treatment.  The Pioneer DJM-450 is a compact but solid two-channel mixer with Beat FX, Sound Color FX, and Rekordbox DVS compatibility straight out of the box.  The DJM-450 actually has the same footprint as the DJM-250MK2, but it has a lot more features which is also reflected in the price.  Pioneer has packed so many features into the DJM-450 that many are calling it a two-channel version of their mighty DJM club standard mixers.

Pioneer DJM-450 Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

Just yesterday we unboxed the Pioneer DJM-250MK2 mixer and today we have the older sibling in the lab for the same unboxing treatment.  The Pioneer DJM-450 is a compact but solid two-channel mixer with Beat FX, Sound Color FX, and Rekordbox DVS compatibility straight out of the box.

Pioneer DJM-250MK2 Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

The new Pioneer DJM-250MK2 mixer takes on a similar compact footprint as the original we reviewed years ago with a newer Magvel Crossfader, Color FX Filter knobs, and a built in DVS Rekordbox ready soundcard. This mixer also comes packed with the full featured Rekordbox DJ software. The Rekordbox DVS license is also included in the box so that users can connect DJ turntables or CDJ’s for use with timecode vinyl or CD’s.

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