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Mackie CR4 & CR3 Affordable Monitor Speakers [Video]

Mackie has been really busy lately bringing out new Thump Powered Speakers that pump out over 1000 watts each and now they are adding new affordable powered monitor speakers to their new range called the CR3 and CR4.  The New Creative Reference line of Powered Monitors come with three-inch woofer (CR3) or four-inch woofer (CR4) versions and also house silk dome tweeters for great high and mid range accurate sound reproduction.

Mackie Dual-Woofer SRM750 and SRM2850 [Video]

The Mackie Brand keeps expanding their lineup of Thump Loudspeakers to offer users even more power and more versatility with every release.  The new SRM750 and SRM2850 speakers both feature dual subwoofers in their enclosure for insane amounts of bass and they have a power boost with an internal amp capable of throwing out 1600 Watts of power!  Watch the video, then head over to the Mackie website to see what these new world-class speakers can do.

New Mackie SRM & Thump 1000W Speakers

There’s been lots of pro-audio speakers coming out on the market as of late and longtime speaker manufacturer Mackie decided to add some new actively powered 1000W speakers to its existing SRM and Thump Series lineups.  The new SRM350 and SRM450 both exhibit the same durable build quality and portability as the originals and the new Thump Series has been completely revamped to house the new 1000W class-D internal amplifier.

[Video] Mackie DLM Series Powered Speakers

Mackie has been around for ages, but most of us know them for their huge Studio Grade Mixers that production teams all over the world use for projects of all types.  For some time now, Mackie has also been producing speaker lineups with mixed reviews.  The new Mackie DLM series speakers hopes to set a new standard with loads of power and great sound in a compact and lightweight contained unit.  The Mackie DLM series comes in three different flavors (DLM8, DLM12, & DLM12S) but all of them have an internal 2000watt amplifier and a digital mixer and LED screen that lets you adjust lots of parameters on the fly.  Check out the video inside.

Production Gear: Mackie ProFX16 and ProFX22

Anyone who knows anything about Production Gear knows that Mackie has been making top-of-the-line Mixing boards since the beginning of sound-producing time!  Mackie now has a new innovative line of Mixers called the ProFX Series Mixers.  These mixers boast full Stereo USB connectivity for compatibility with the mixing software of your choice, 7-Band Graphical EQ per channel, 32-bit effects, and dedicated in-line compression all at a reasonable cost.  Check inside for more information on the new 16-line and 22-line ProFX Mixers.

[Review] Mackie D4-Pro Mixer

The new Mackie D4-pro 4-Channel DJ Production Console combines unrivaled multi-channel / multi-track FireWire computer connectivity, superior studio-quality sound, Onyx mic preamps, massive routing capability, and Traktor to give DJ’s the best performance and versatility found on the market today!

[Review] Mackie D2-Pro Mixer

Now the new Mackie d.2 pro picks up where the original model left off, with enhanced FireWire capabilities for direct connection to Mac or PC, more flexible routing, and TraktorĀ® Scratch certification for spinning digital music files using standard turntables with specially coded vinyl.

[Review] Mackie D.2

The Mackie D.2 Mixer is the first FireWire DJ Mixer which was built with the same quality and overall design as the Studio Proven Mackie mixers all in one small and enjoyable form factor for DJ’s who demand excellence!

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