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American Audio 10 MXR BT - Bluetooth Mixer [Video]

American Audio released a new line of MXR mixers back in 2012 that had good connectivity options, MIDI controls, and good build quality in an affordable package.  This year American Audio has released a new 10 MXR BT Bluetooth mixer that has the same build quality and connectivity options as well as a new feature that allows DJ’s to connect Bluetooth devices as well.  Check out this quick rundown video of the features on this new 10-inch Bluetooth mixer.

American Audio VMS5 Controller [Video]

American Audio has just updated their flagship DJ controller and it’s called the VMS5.  This new controller is very similar to the other VMS controllers with a similar metal build quality and nearly the same footprint and construction.  The VMS5 caters towards Mobile DJ’s who use Virtual DJ or Traktor and need that great build quality to hit the road with.  Check out this quick rundown video on the new American Audio VMS5 after the jump.

American Audio: Affordable Active CPX Speakers

At this year’s NAMM 2014 show, American Audio announced that they would release a new active speaker lineup with good features and low costs that would appease DJ’s and performers on a budget.  That range is the CPX Speaker line and they are now released and ready for purchase at any local retailer.  The CPX active speakers all have built-in class D amplifiers and they come in lots of different size configurations to suit the space or venue needs.  There is a CPX-8A (two-way speaker with 8-inch woofer $150), CPX-10A (two-way speaker with 10-inch woofer $200), CPX-12A (two-way speaker with 12-inch woofer $250), and CPX-15A (two-way speaker with 15-inch woofer $300).

[Video] 2013 DJ Expo - American Audio Booth

We’re here at the Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal Convention Center and we’ve got loads of HD-Video coverage to show you all, so keep it locked right here for the next 24-hours!  Next up, we have the American Audio Booth at the Expo where they had all of their DJ controllers, DJ Etronik (with his headphones) and even the new ELMC1 compact controller were on full display for everyone to see, use, and purchase.  Check out our HD-Video of the entire American Audio booth to see how it’s all still going down right now.

[Video] American Audio ETR-1000 Headphones Announced

American Audio has just announced the ETR-1000 Professional DJ Headphones will be available in late May 2013 and were designed by DJ Champion ETRONIK.  These new headphones have 40mm drivers, real leather padding, and the swivel/rotate design for many different DJ monitoring styles.  They come bundled with a flat cable (that doesn’t tangle), a headphone bag, and a 1/4-inch adapter to round out the package.  We’ll be sure to get a set in the lab for a full HD-Video and written review, but check out the quick rundown video with DJ ETRONIK inside.

[Review] American Audio MXR-10 Mixer/Controller

The American Audio MXR-10 is a two-channel USB professional DJ Mixer with an internal 4-in/4-out internal DJ soundcard with additional MIDI buttons and the necessary features to let DJ’s get right into the Digital Mix.  The American Audio MXR-10 feels like a professional quality mixer and there is a nice basic feature set that all DJ’s can use to manipulate the music.  Watch my full HD-Video review after the jump.

[Video] American Audio MXR-10 Unboxing & First Impressions

The American Audio MXR series Mixer/DJ controllers with internal 4-in/4-out (DVS-capable) soundcards come in at an excellent price-point and have many features today’s DJ’s want.  They are regular stand-alone DJ mixers and they also have MIDI buttons, knobs, and faders on-board that can be used to manipulate the DJ software of the user’s choice.  The American Audio MXR-10 two-channel DJ full video review is on the way shortly but check out my unboxing & first impressions video in the meantime to see what you get in the box.

[NAMM 2013] American Audio VMS Controllers Video

American Audio is on-hand at this year’s NAMM 2013 show with a trio of new DJ controllers for the masses to check out.  Edgar from American Audio gives Pro Audio Star (our DJ gear partners) an exclusive video look at the new American Audio ELMC-1 (compact/simple MIDI controller), the American Audio VMS DJ (2-deck VDJ controller), and the American Audio VMS Jelly (a DJ controller that glows and pulses to the sound of the music).  Check out the video directly from the NAMM floor and my quick breakdown of each after the jump.

[Video] American Audio MXR-Series Demos

The brand new American Audio 10 MXR, 14 MXR, and 19-MXR controller-mixers can both act as analog mixers and full out DJ controllers for your favorite DJ software.  Each comes bundled with a special edition of Virtual DJ LE that will allow users to mix in MIDI mode right out of the box.  All of the AA MXR mixer-controllers both also have full 4-in/4-out soundcards that are capable of CDJ or vinyl timecode playback meaning you can plug your decks directly into one of these mixers and add some Serato control vinyl or CD’s and you’re ready to mix in DVS mode.  Check out the full demo videos for an in-depth look at each after the jump.

American Audio MXR-Series DJ Mixer/Controllers

American Audio has just announced their new line of MXR-Series DJ Mixer-Controllers that are soon to be released to the Digital DJ market.  The new MXR-Series Mixer/Controllers come in three different flavors in order to fit many different DJ styles which include the 10 MXR (10-inch, 2-channel), the 14 MXR (14-inch 4-channel), and the 19 MXR (19-inch, 4-channel Rackmount).  All of the faders and knobs are MIDI-mappable to the DJ software of your choice and they come bundled with Virtual DJ LE straight out of the box.  Check out the press release and my breakdown inside.

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