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Maschine 2.6.5 Update With Ideas View!

Native Instruments has just updated the Maschine Software for their popular beat-making devices.  This new iteration is Maschine 2.6.5 and it comes with a brand new feature called Ideas View.  This gives users a new view for mixing and matching patterns independent of the timeline to try out new beats, vamps, and fills to find suitable combinations for the beat you’re working on.

[Review] Plugin Alliance Black Box Analog Designs HG-2 Plugin

The Black Box Analog Design HG-2 is one of the most widely acclaimed analog processors ever created; it’s a tube-based coloration and saturation unit known for adding richness and depth to full mixes and sounds, while adding punch and glue, and it’s a staple on the mix buss of some of the world’s most respected mix and mastering engineers.  The HG-2 is also known for its incredible range of colors and capabilities; it’s multiple tube circuits allow the unit to add slight harmonic enhancement all the way up to brutal saturation and distortion, along with every color in between.  Plugin Alliance, a leader in analog modeled digital processors, has released a plugin version of the HG-2 which was developed with Black Box Design; in this review we’ll put it through it’s paces to see if it lives up to the hype of the analog unit.

[Review] Reloop RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ Mixer

The new Reloop RMX-90 is a four channel club style mixer with 12 on-board Beat effects, internal soundcard with Serato DJ DVS capability (for two channels at a time), a USB hub, and individual channel filters.  Check out our quick review video to see if the Reloop RMX-90 is the choice for you.

[Review] Acustica Audio Diamond Color EQ

Acustica Audio’s new Diamond Color EQ is the first collaboration between Acustica and legendary mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi (Calvin Harris, Jack U, 2 Chains, Major Lazer, Diplo, Nicki Minaj).  Renown for its Nebula and Acqua plugins, which are widely regarded as the best analog emulation plugins on the market, Acustica’s Diamond Color EQ is a major step forward in both the sound quality and usability of their plugins.

[Review] Soundways Core Production Bundle

While many producers first focus on purchasing EQ’s, Compressors, and other effect plugins to expand the basic capabilities of their DAW, many of these investments will be for nought if room correction and monitoring issues aren’t dealt with first; after all, the best EQ plugin on the market isn’t all that useful in a room with problematic resonances or with monitors that are hyping one part of the frequency spectrum.  Accurate monitoring is the most important factor to address in any studio, and over the past several years, we’ve seen a handful of new plugin companies aim to tackle the issues encountered in many non-professional mixing environments.

Soundways, a new plugin company, aims to do exactly this with their Reveal plugin, which seeks to clarify the most critical areas of a mix for the human ear and help producers and engineers make better mixing decisions, regardless of their monitoring setup.  In this review, we’ll put the Reveal plug-in (as well as their Core Production Bundle) through its paces to see if it can deliver on its promise of faster, more reliable, and more accurate mixing.

Virtual DJ Tip: Syncing 4+ Decks [Video]

The Virtual DJ Team has just posted a new video tip that shows users how they can easily sync four or more decks at once for a smooth transition or mix.  If you’re a Virtual DJ user, check out this quick video tip to see how to sync four or more decks with ease…

[Review] V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless Headphones

V-MODA has just released their first wireless earbuds called the V-MODA Forza Metallo which have great sound, a wrap-around neck design, and many different fittings for the ears to fit each user just right.  V-MODA has taken their headphone expertise to make high quality in ear buds with superior construction CNC aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum with 3D custom handcrafted caps.  Check out our quick written review after the jump.

Orbit Concepts Jetpack Cut Portablist Backpack Announced

Everyone knows that the Orbit Concepts DJ gig bags are my favorite backpacks that I use on the road when I’m out for a gig.  They all have excellent build quality and can fit exactly what I need with me every time for my performance.  They have done it again and introduced their new Jetpack Cut portablist backpack which can hold everything a portablist needs to be portable!

DJ Carisma Serato Control Vinyl [Video]

Serato is always coming out with new Control Vinyl for various artists that they work with and that use their software.  This time we have a new Serato Control Vinyl featuring Serato Artist DJ Carisma.  DJ Carisma is a huge West Coast radio DJ who works with some of the hottest hip-hop talent around.  Check out the quick interview and see the tracks on the new DJ Carisma Serato Control Vinyl.

Reloop RMX-90 DVS Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

Reloop is released the new RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ mixer back at NAMM 2017 and we were there with an exclusive first look. The new Reloop RMX-90 is a four channel club style mixer with 12 on-board Beat effects, internal 8x8 soundcard with Serato DJ DVS capability for all four channels, a USB hub, and individual channel filters. We now have one in the lab for the full out review treatment but we’ll complete a quick unboxing and first impressions video in the meantime.

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