American Audio and Numark CD/USB/Midi Controllers Now Available!

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Just when you thought we couldn't get enough CD/USB/MIDI controllers in the DJ world today...Numark (NDX800) and American Audio (Radius 3000) has released similar decks that allows DJ's the versatility and functions allowing playback from the most popular forms of media being used all over the world! DJ's can use either one of these decks to navigate through their USB files (on an IPOD, flash drive or external hard drive), play all types of CD's, and they can also be used as MIDI controllers which will work with the DJ software of choice. These decks are priced very aggressively so DJ's on a budget can still get the features they need without killing their wallets. None of these decks have actively spinning platters, so I wouldn't say they are perfect for scratching or anything, but they certainly pack a mean punch for the price! They are Now Available for purchase at your favorite retailer!!!

Numark NDX800
* CD/MP3/USB player with USB-MIDI computer interface
* Play from CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives, and control software
* Beat-synced DSP effects with wet-dry fader: chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, phaser
* Smooth, fast, reliable, slot-loading drive
* Large, seven-inch, touch-sensitive illuminated platter with touch-sensitivity adjustment
* Control MIDI software with no timecode needed via USB
* Adjustable start and stop time for vinyl-like deck performance
* Automatic BPM analyzer and Tap tempo for manual BPM entry
* Adjust pitch ±6, 12, 25, and 100%, in half steps (semitones), or bend with pitch buttons
* Key Lock holds pitch while you independently manipulate its BPM
* Seamless looping, sampling, and easily accessible hot cues
* Keep time moving forward while you cut or reverse the track using Bleep/Reverse
* Single-track, continuous, shuffle, and programmable playback
* Fader Start plays the cued track when you move the crossfader (requires compatible mixer)
* Large, backlit display for BPM, CD/MP3 text tags, and folder navigation
* Outputs: stereo RCA, digital S/PDIF

American Audio Radius 3000
- Plays MP3, WAV*, CD & CD-R discs
- Includes SD Card and USB inputs for additional music playback sources (such as SD, SDHC, USB Hard Drives & MP3 players)
- New & improved Database Builder for USB Drives: Sort your music by Title, Artist, Album or Genre in alphabetical order (ID3 tag info)
- Midi software compatible via USB (Control up to 8 MIDI channels at once)
- Display shows track titles and artist from ID tags when played
- Advanced cueing with track searching by frame (not by each second)
- Quick MP3/CD recognition
- Track and Folder Search
- Advanced Track Search: Search for a new track while one is playing
- PowerTouch advanced digital scratching (with adjustable sensitivity)
- 2 Scratching modes: Digital Scratch mode, Beat Juggle mode
- Tempo Lock
- Instant Start
- 9 On-board FX: Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan, Bop
- 6-inch (150mm) Jog Wheel with LED Cue marker and adjustable LED effects
- 3 mode Jog Wheel: Normal, Scratch, and Auto Cue Scratch (Great for Beat Juggling)
- Time & Ratio adjustment for digital FX
- FX sync adjustment
- Red LED Visual marker display: Reference point to view where the disc is playing
- Digital BPM Counter: keeps digital FX in sync with music
- TAP Button for manual BPM
- Anti Shock (10 sec.)
- Smart loop: Automatically measures your loop
- Fader Q-Start
- Independently adjustable Pitch Bend (up to 100%)
- Sleep Mode (Adjustable in increments of 5 min - up to 120 minutes)
- 3 Flash Start Buttons with (5 second sample each button)
- Recall memory of Q-Start and samples
- Store up to 1500 cue points
- Digital Output (S/PDIF)
- Headphone jack on rear with volume control
- Slot load CD drive
- Flip Flop Relay playback between two Radius 3000 CD/MP3 Players
- Built-in MIDI output and input remapping
- Change device name (Radius 3000 A-H) for easy set-up
- Link Mode: Gives the user the ability to plug in a USB Hard Drive into one Radius 3000 yet operate it from additional USB linked Radius 3000 players (up to additional 2 units)
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 265x356x106 mm
- Weight: 3.6 kgs

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