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By | Posted June 21, 2010
Next up in our best DJ Equipment Roundup Series, I am bringing you my top-10 picks for 2-channel Professional Mixers currently available at...
Next up in our best DJ Equipment Roundup Series, I am bringing you my top-10 picks for 2-channel Professional Mixers currently available at retail… There are many factors that go into determining what makes a quality 2-channel DJ Mixer. The mixers in this list should all contain high quality faders, strong build, good features, and easy usability/layout controls. There are many different options out there to choose from, so in order to help the DJ’s who are ready to spend their money on a good mixer; I put together my top-ten list of Professional-Grade 2-channel mixers which are currently available to the public. Some of these mixers are labeled as discontinued but I was personally able to locate all of these turntables for sale online. You may notice that the below list is numbered, but it is only for counting purposes. Each of these mixers possess high-quality characteristics and all have been built with DJ usability in mind. Some mixers in this list have built in effects, while others in the list may have more turntablist friendly features like linefader reversals and curve adjustments. Each mixer has their own pros and cons but in the end, the user must make up their own mind to decide which features/aesthetics/functions are more important to them before making a purchase. Each of these mixers have their own followers and fanboys as well and I don’t want to get into any arguments as to which mixer is better or worse… All favoritism aside, I am pretty sure that any DJ who ends up with either mixer in this list will be more than satisfied with their pick. Below each mixer is a short description of the device and its capabilities. If your favorite 2-channel mixer didn’t make the list, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please comment below or drop me a line at

(Click on the name of each 2-Channel Pro Mixer for more information and reviews!)

1) Rane TTM-56S or Rane TTM-57SL (Serato Integrated Version)

Rane TTM-56S
* Rane's new proprietary magnetic fader is the fastest, most accurate, and long lasting on the planet
* Crossfader reverse switch, mode switch and independent adjustable contours
* FlexFx effects loop
* Wet/Dry pan control
* 2 phono, 2 line and 1 mic input (1/4")
* Stereo AUX Inputs and outputs with level controls
* 3-band, full cut tone controls for program 1 and 2
* Transform switch for phono and line inputs
* Balanced and unbalanced outputs

Rane TTM-57SL
* Two Input Buses
* PGM 1 selects: Analog 1, Analog 2, Digital 1, Digital 2
* PGM 2 selects: Analog 3, Analog 4, Digital 1, Digital 2
* All analog inputs are phono or line capable
* Input Gain and Left/Right Pan controls
* 3-band, full cut Tone controls with Kill switches
* Magnetic faders for Channel Faders and Crossfader
* Non-contact magnetic position sensor technology. No travel noise - No bleed - Ever!
* Independent Contour and Reverse controls
* Microphone Input with Engage switch, Level control and 2-band Tone control
* Three sets of Outputs, each with independent Level controls
* Main Out on XLR (balanced)
* Booth Out on 1/4" TRS (balanced)
* Auxiliary Out on RCA (unbalanced)
* Assign Program 1, Program 2 or Both to external FlexFx loop
* Internal Filter and Delay Effects with six possible insert points
* Pre- or Post-channel faders for Program 1 and Program 2
* Main Mix
* Auxiliary Input Bus
* Headphone Cue Monitor includes Cue Pan, Main Mix select and Level
* 8 Channels of Streaming Audio
* 16 bit / 44.1 kHz Streaming Audio
* Four channels from computer (Stereo source Digital 1 and Digital 2)
* Four channels to computer (Stereo Record 1 and Record 2)
* Stereo Recording
* Stereo Record 1 may be used for 4-channels of control
* Select Analog 1 or Analog 2 for Control Input 1
* Select Analog 3 or Analog 4 for Control Input 2
* Additional "soft" mixer controls used by Scratch LIVE & internal effects
* Foot switch input (Inputs on Tip and Ring; foot switch not included)
* Deck 1-2 switch
* Group switch
* B1 - B6 programmable switches
* P1 - P2 programmable Encoders with push switches
* J1 - J2 programmable Joysticks with push switches
* USB firmware updates
* Internal universal switching power supply

2) Vestax PMC-08pro

Vestax PMC-08pro
* 24bit 96kHz digital signal processor
* Matrix Assign system selects the sound source from INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 and assigns it to both PGM channels
* Mute switch loaded on MASTER and BOOTH control
* Newly ergonomically designed rotary knobs and faders
* Inputs: 2 line stereo, 2 phono, 1 mic/inst, 1/4" headphone
* Outputs: 1 RCA stereo line out, 1 RCA stereo monitor, 1 RCA digital, 1 RCA digital through
* Available in black or white

Vestax PMC-08pro 2
• Due to a diversified arrangement of effects, EFFECT SEND AND RECEIVE have both been reinforced to match it's needs.
• Featured is a 25mm effect send fader to each channel
• The point where signals are sent can be selected with a switch in two ways with the pre-input fader or post cross fader.
• Independent channels for effect receive. Up until now, sounds for an effect return were limited throught the master outs, but with the 08 and gaining a return channel, sounds through an effector can be assigned and controlled by the cross fader,EQ, PAN, and other sources to allow more expansion in your mix, scratch, and music. Also, you are able to use the line-in auxillary input channels
• A mixer capable of handling an assortment of effectors with an unique port. Using a Phono Jack featuring a Stereo>Mono out (Send) -20db, Mono>Stereo in (Receive) -20db, allowing the 08 of handling several forms of samplers and effectors.
• Main circuitry is a digital board allowing dual performance as the mixer has Equalizer and Isolater ability, changeable with a flick of a switch.
• The operating section utilizes an analog volume fader while the main control process uses an A/D (Analog/Digital) hybrid, new generation technology. Planned on the 08 is a USB 2.0 or better port to support further digital potential.
• A NEW AND IMPROVED, PERFECT concept FADER CURVE adjustment. The cross fader curve control has been totally revamped allowing the most precise in fader cut-in/out time in the current mixer/fader market. Vestax has allowed the user to adjust the gap in cut-in/out time rather than working on how close the fader can be adjusted to have a sharoer cut-in. This technology is the first and found with no other.
• Electrical current source for the 08 has been upgraded to the industry maximum in performance to an uncomparable AC20. Allowing more headroom, equals better power, and quality sound.
• iPod feature With an iPod dock located in the front panel of the mixer allows djs to add an extra sound source to your entire mix or scratch. The end user can sample their new beats and sounds, or replay their library in their iPod, collaborated iPod technology with a CD or turntable source.

3) Vestax PMC-05proIII (Vestax PMC-05proIV Coming soon)/ Vestax 06Pro

Vestax PMC-05proIII
* Improved 2-channel battle mixer with effects loop and a striking silver face plate
* 6 inputs (2 phono, 2 line and 2 mic)
* 2-band EQ per channel with extended sweep on bass
* Heavy duty PGm switches
* Master/cue monitor select switch
* Improved rotary knob design
* Balance controls per channel
* Performance optimized layout
* Awesome PCV fader
* Adjust the super smooth crossfader’s “curve” to your own unique mixing style

Vestax PMC-05proIV
* New digital cross fader (Noncontactive multi linear sensor system) with adjustable cut lag sensitivity.
* MIDI control compatible to enable the DJ mix without operating keyboards.
* Carefully designed control layout to pursuit operability.
* Multiple in/out connection: XLR out, PGM THRU in, PHONO/LINE select switch, 1/4inch booth out.
* MUTE LED indicator for ON/OFF status.
* AUX channel for variable inputs: MIC, LINE, Option
* Compatible with CoreAudio (Mac) & ASIO(Windows)
*Design of the product and information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Vestax PMC-06pro
* On site replaceable cross fader, Input Volume Fader and multi-directional input switch with double panel system
* The world first standard "Hamster" switch (reverses the direction of cross fader)
* The world`s skinniest body style
* Super slim mixer to fit between turntables
* Photo coupler crossfader with curve adjustment
* Size: 10.31"w x 4.17"h x 12.99"d (262 mm x 106 mm x 330 mm)
* Weight: 8.82 lbs. (4 kg)

4) Ecler HAK 380 or Ecler HAK 360

Ecler HAK 380
• Ultra resistant selective anodized serigraphy
• Black aluminium face plate
• New ergonomic knobs
• Scratch Cue mode
• EQ vertically displayed for an easier manipulation
• EQ OFF switch
• FX return PFL
• FX DRY/WET crossfader
• Double crossfader shape adjustment
• Double cut in time adjustment
• Headphones mute switch
• Headphones mini jack connection
• New phono grounds
• Output mono L+R switch
• Output 1 +6dB level switch
• Triple output1 connections: XLR, RCA and 1/4" Jack
• This is additional to the HAK-360 - not a replacement.
• Yhe line fader curves have been fixed. Better sound and quality.
• The Eternal fader is unchanged but has a new microprocessor driving it.

Ecler HAK 360
* ETERNAL Magnetic Crossfader
* 3 band EQ with Cut
* FX Insert per channel
* Cue Fader
* 2 Outputs (OUT 1 XLR,3 Balanced)
* 1 Micro Channel with EQ
* Session channel for team mixing
* Internal oversized power supply with universal input from 90v to 260v

5) Allen & Heath Xone 2:02
* 2 channels
* 6 inputs (2 mic with independent level control)
* 3 band channel eq
* 3 band mic eq with hpf
* Channel pan controls
* Pro-X-Fade Crossfader fitted as standard; with tension, lag and curve control
* Input fader curve control with reverse
* Rotatable Line / phono (transform) switches
* Headphone output with level & mute switch
* Balanced xlr master outputs
* Booth output
* Effects loop with send & return
* Rack-mountable
* Internal power supply
* New updated face-plate

6) Stanton M.207
* Rugged steel design
* Soft Start™ feature for no noise when powering on/off
* Integrated digital effects, including phase/flange, echo/strobe, pan/transformer & filters
* Unique FXGlide™ control for real-time control of effects
* Built-in phrase/loop sampler with up to 5 different loops/samples
* New frequency-dependent effects create entirely new sounds unique to the M.207
* Built in sequencer so FXGlide moves can be automated and recalled.
* Adjustable fader curves and fader reverse
* 2 phono/line inputs with fader start
* 3-band EQ per channel with complete KILL(-64dB)
* Pre, Post & Master Headphone cueing w/ FX CUE
* Mic and AUX inputs
* Professional ¼” balanced outputs and RCA main/record outputs
* Powerful headphone amplifier
* 45 mm crossfader- long-life Alpha fader (user replaceable)
* 2 10-segment LED ladder meters
* Striking Black/gray color scheme with blue LED lighted accents
* Ergonomic control layout facilitates tweaking and performance
* Reverse indicator LEDs: The LEDs indicate the status of the fader and crossfader reverse functions

7) Numark X5 Mixer
* Looks, fit, and finish match perfectly with a pair of V7s
* Ultra-long lifetime CP PRO crossfader, same as in NS7
* 24-bit circuitry for superior sound quality
* Look-ahead limiters on master, booth, and headphone outputs eliminate clipping
* Slope and reverse controls on crossfader and line faders
* Each channel offers EQ/Kills, gain, Transform
* Repositionable phono/line switches
* Dedicated mic input with EQ
* Master (1/4" pair, balanced), Booth (RCA, pair), S/PDIF optical and coaxial digital outputs
* Mini-crossfader cueing with headphone tone control

8) Numark DXM PRO
* The ultimate 2-channel scratch mixer
* 24-bit digital signal processing for superb sound quality
* 2 phono, 3 line and 1 mic input with EQ
* 3-band EQ with kill switches
* Built-in look-ahead peak limiters on master, booth and headphone outputs to avoid clipping
* Ultra long-life interchangeable conductive polymer faders
* Slope control and reverse on all faders
* 2 phone/line switches with transform function
* Repositionable phono/line switches
* Master balanced, booth and S/PDIF digital outputs (optical and coaxial)
* Mini-crossfader cueing with headphone tone control

9) Korg KM-202
* Two channel configuration
* Integrated effects from the acclaimed KP3 KAOSS PAD used by DJs and musicians around the world.
* One hundred effects add unlimited creativity to your DJ sets.
* "FX RELEASE" function allows reverb and delay tails to smoothly decay through preset and effect changes.
* "KAOSS Button" on each channel for quick, independent control of your effects.
* A full 24-bit digital mixer delivers huge headroom and pristine audio quality.
* Six independent types of EQ deliver unparalleled flexibility to shape your sound, your way.
* Programmable crossfader allows you to adjust the response and curve to suit your individual needs.
* Jack guard prevents damage to the I/O section, making the KM-202 worthy of heavy road use.

10) Pioneer DJM-909
* 2-channel DJ mixer with “touch screen” and built-in effects
* 4 line inputs, 2 phono inputs, 3 mic inputs (1x XLR, 2x 1/4´´)
* 3-band channel and mic EQ
* 50 onboard effects, controllable from the touch sensitive screen
* Crossfader curve is A/B independently adjustable
* Fader feeling adjustment
* Fader cut lag adjustment
* Fader start/back-cue play
* Master/channel level meters
* Foot switch for effect on/off
* Auto BPM counter/beat indicator
* Master outs, booth/monitor outs, 1/4´´ headphone outs
* Effects send/return

---Other Excellent 2-channel mixers that exhibit great performance but not in the list:
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Pioneer DJM-400
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