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By | Posted October 31, 2012
American Audio has just announced their new line of MXR-Series DJ Mixer-Controllers that are soon to be released to the Digital DJ...
American Audio has just announced their new line of MXR-Series DJ Mixer-Controllers that are soon to be released to the Digital DJ market. The new MXR-Series Mixer/Controllers come in three different flavors in order to fit many different DJ styles which include the 10 MXR (10-inch, 2-channel), the 14 MXR (14-inch 4-channel), and the 19 MXR (19-inch, 4-channel Rackmount). All of the faders and knobs are MIDI-mappable to the DJ software of your choice and they come bundled with Virtual DJ LE straight out of the box.

The MXR-Series mixers all feature full 4-in/4-out high-quality internal soundcards so that DJ's can easily plug in two vinyl turntables or CD decks with timecode control to playback the the digital files on the computer software. This will work nicely for DJ's with Virtual DJ, Mixvibes, and others but as usual, don't expect it to work with Traktor or Serato as they require proprietary soundcards in order to work with timecode control. However, DJ's can map the mixer buttons, knobs, and faders to Traktor or Serato for standalone playback. It is of worthy note that the 4-channel MXR series mixer-controllers only have a 4-in and 4-out soundcard so you won't be able to run timecode playback for four decks simultaneously unless another soundcard is added. They could have done this with an 8-in and 8-out soundcard in those models, but the price would have been much higher for the end user.

The MXR-Series looks to have pretty good solid construction, 3-Band full-kill EQ, and a high/low pass filter knob for each individual line on the mixer. All three of the mixers have programmable MIDI buttons which can be set to any function the DJ sees fit. By default, these MIDI buttons look to be 3-hotcue points, play/pause buttons, and the highly debated Sync button along with a shift button to layer the functions. A cool twist is the inclusion of a Browse Knob in the middle of each MXR-Series Mixer-Controller along with four navigation buttons which will make it easy to navigate to the correct files at the right time.

The MXR-Series mixers also feature fully user-replaceable crossfaders with crossfader curve control and reverse on the 2-channel mixer or crossfader assign on the 4-channel versions. These faders can be replaced for Innofaders as the publications say that they are fully Innofader Compatible which is good news to DJ's on a budget who still need a really scratchworthy fader.

As it stands, the (MSRP) price of the 14 MXR and 19 MXR is $420 which will probably be closer to $399 as the street price and there is no list price for the 10 MXR but I suspect it will be around the $299 mark. Check out the new release videos and press release for each model below and stay tuned for our review once we get one of these bad boys from AA...

American Audio’s Revolutionary MXR Series Stand-Alone Controllers Combine Traditional DJ Mixer Feel with Digital Compatibility

LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release)—American Audio’s MXR Series controllers will allow DJs and mobile entertainers to mix more than just music. This versatile series of stand-alone MIDI controllers lets you smoothly blend your past with your future by providing a way to control your professional audio software without having to sacrifice the benefits of traditional DJ mixers. The three models in the MXR Series—the 10 MXR, 14 MXR and 19 MXR—all give you the tactile feel of a classic analog DJ mixer while you make cutting-edge music using your favorite computer music programs.

MIDILOG™ channel inputs are a key element of the MXR Series, giving the controllers an unprecedented level of functionality and flexibility. With the option of using MIDI or analog inputs on all available channels, DJs and mobile entertainers can not only exercise total control over any computer music software—they can also add traditional playback sources like turntables, CD players and media players to the mix with ease.

“The revolutionary MXR Series provides DJs and mobile entertainers with the best of both possible worlds when it comes to audio-playback mixing,” said Tom Freret, National Sales Manager for American Audio. “These incredible MIDILOG controllers offer everything you need from a traditional analog mixer, plus they’re completely compatible with all of the popular DJ software on the market today. By combining traditional audio devices with your favorite computer music program, you can use the 10 MXR, 14 MXR and 19 MXR to thoroughly customize your mix and boost the overall impact of your show.”

Unlike previously available MIDI controllers, the MXR Series includes all the essential features of professional-quality DJ mixers, such as balanced XLR outputs, line/phone inputs, output level LEDs, multiple mic inputs (3 mics on the 19 MXR, 2 on the 14 MXR, 1 on the 10 MXR), stereo headphone input and replaceable crossfaders with curve adjust. At the core of each MXR unit, a DSP sound card with a 4-in/4-out audio interface allows for seamless audio mixing of everything from Macs and PCs to old-school analog inputs.

To this happy marriage of old-school mixer and cutting-edge controller in a stand-alone unit, American Audio has added a low/high pass filter effect with bandwidth control to each channel, a built-in software browser, full transport controls (play–pause–cue–sync) and track load buttons—all mapped to the included Virtual DJ LE software.

The 19 MXR is the flagship of the line, with 20 user-assignable, easy-to-navigate MIDI control buttons on a 19-inch unit. It includes 4 RCA line input channels, 2 phono inputs, 3 mic inputs (2 quarter-inch balanced, 1 quarter-inch balanced XLR), mic volume control, mic reverb control, 3-band EQ with rotary kills, multi-voltage operation (AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz), 10-segment VU meter, controller mode and crossfader channel assign. The 4-rack-space unit measures 19"L x 7.25"W x 3.5” H (482 x 178 x 85mm) and weighs 8 lbs. (3.4kg). MSRP: $419.95.

The 14 MXR is a 14-inch controller with 20 mapable MIDI control buttons, 4 RCA line input channels, 2 phono inputs, 2 mic inputs (quarter-inch balanced/XLR combos), mic volume control and talkover, 3-band EQ with rotary kills, multi-voltage operation (AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz), 10-segment VU meter, controller mode and crossfader channel assign. It measures 14.25"L x 13.75"W x 3.5"H (356 x 320 x 85mm) and weighs 10 lbs. (4.5kg). MSRP: $419.95.

The 10 MXR is a 10-inch, 2-channel controller with 18 MIDI control buttons, 2 RCA line input channels, 2 phono inputs, 1 mic inputs (quarter-inch balanced), mic volume control, 3-band EQ with rotary kills, multi-voltage operation (AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz), 10-segment VU meter and crossfader channel assign. It measures 10.25"L x 10"W x 3.5"H (260 x 254 x 85mm) and weighs 6 lbs. (2.5kg).

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