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By | Posted August 29, 2012
Denon DJ has now filled a small gap in their DJ equipment lineup by announcing the new Denon DJ MC2000 as an entry-level all-in-one Digital...
Denon MC2000 DJ Controller
Denon DJ has now filled a small gap in their DJ equipment lineup by announcing the new Denon DJ MC2000 as an entry-level all-in-one Digital DJ Controller which is set to be released sometime in October in the US. This controller was already released yesterday in the UK, but we'll have to wait for our time to come on this side of the pond just as with the SC2900. The Denon DJ MC2000 is a two channel/two Deck Serato Intro DJ controller with a no-nonsense control scheme that provides all the essential controls for DJ-ing and none of the extra bells and whistles that some of the advanced DJ's need. For example, instead of having 8 buttons to control hot cues and samples as found on bigger professional controllers, there are only four here and they are dual-purpose meaning you'll use the same buttons for both functions. That's not a bad thing, but it just depends on how much you think you'll need...and since this is aimed at the entry-level market they probably don't need much.

This controller is designed as a true plug-and-play option for those who don't want to go through a bunch of headache setting things up to start spinning. Serato DJ Intro is a pretty feature-light program, but all the essentials are there and they always seem to work flawlessly throughout use. The Denon DJ MC2000 will also be compatible with all the other major DJ software as it is fully MIDI mappable; so at least the advanced users will still have some room to play as they see fit.

On the construction front, the MC2000 will have the same faders and jog wheels from the MC6000/3000 series units meaning they will more-than-likely have excellent Serato Intro response and they'll last a long time. It's nice and compact enough to be a great backup controller for DJ's on the go, or as a primary unit for beginner DJ's who don't want a huge device to go with them. The MC2000 also has an auxiliary RCA input around the back for connecting another music device for audio playback. Hopefully this will double as an emergency throughput that doesn't require the laptop to be connected for playback in the event the laptop crashes during a gig.

You know we'll be sure to get one in for a full HD-Video review when its finally released to us sometime in October at the low price of only $299 each. Stay tuned and check out the press release and links below for more information on the Denon DJ MC2000.

Denon DJ MC2000 DJ Controller

?Denon DJ’s revolutionary new MC2000 DJ controller combines a rich legacy of quality, reliability and top– notch professional features and implements them into a performance and creativity tool that is accessible to everyone. From the ‘plug and play’ link up with SeratoTM DJ Intro to the intuitive layout and controls on the deck, now is your time to join the new generation of DJ Superstars.

Here’s your chance… With the Denon DJ MC2000 and Serato DJ Intro added to your skills and imagination… you will take control of the dancefloor and own the party.

Mix Like a Pro
DJ equipment can make or break a performance. There are many choices to consider when you lay down a mix on your first deck, first mixer or first controller and it’s easy to get lost amongst sub-standard gear or controllers designed only for at home in the bedroom.

Not only does the Denon DJ MC2000 DJ controller allow you to practice day-to-day at home like the others, but it breaks the mold and gives you the tools and performance features to gig effortlessly in front of screaming crowds – and begin your journey to DJ stardom.

Plug-and-play with USB bus power
Fresh DJing relies on relentless practice and knowing your music so why should you wait to get home to start dropping beats? If you have the idea now, let it rip.

The MC2000 doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet for you to start mixing up tunes – it’s USB Bus powered which means if you’re hanging with friends and want to show off your latest mix then you simply need to power up your laptop and connect the supplied USB cable.

With a built-in, pro-grade USB Audio Interface there’s no need to use your computers power and battery life just to output sound. And you don’t have to buy extra gear to get club-quality audio from your speakers. This interface gives the option of running true high quality audio directly from the MC2000 to a serious speaker set-up wherever you are; in a club, at a gig, or just at home setting up for a night of mashing-up tracks.

And since the MC2000 has been designed with Serato DJ Intro software in mind, Serato DJ Intro detects the controller automatically and is ready to work from the moment you take it out of the box and plug in – giving you true ‘plug & play’ functionality.

Serato DJ Intro is the newest piece of software to join Serato’s illustrious DJ range, which includes popular professional DJ solutions, Scratch Live and ITCH. With over 10 years’ experience in software development, Serato bring their unique approach to this new plug-and-play system.

Serato DJ Intro allows for traditional two deck mixing of digital music files from a computer. Large music collections can be managed with the Serato Crate system, plus advanced iTunes® integration allows for instant access to existing library and playlist information.

MC2000 Design and Build Quality
With its portable design and solid build; the MC2000 is the ultimate weapon in your DJ bag, completely redefining the quality and usability of its class. With every single detail aimed at improving value and retaining simplicity.

The layout takes the very best from the successful DN-MC6000 and MC3000 platforms and puts it into an even more compact unit that’s tweaked especially to work seamlessly with Serato DJ Intro and other similar DJ software programs.

The jog wheels and faders are lifted straight from the MC6000 Professional DJ Controller and retain the professional grade and high-quality feel that Denon DJ customers have come to expect. Built to take even the most enthusiastic mixing and hard-core techniques, the MC2000 stands tall amongst the competition as the only true professional grade product that inspires even the freshest of newcomers to pick up and join the DJing community.

Street Date - October 2012

Denon MC2000 DJ Controller
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Denon MC2000 DJ Controller

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