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By | Posted September 26, 2013
The most powerful iOS DJ App that stands out from the rest in terms of performance, accuracy, and function is known as the DJ Player...
The most powerful iOS DJ App that stands out from the rest in terms of performance, accuracy, and function is known as the DJ Player App. The new DJ Player 7.0 update has recently been released and it works perfectly on the iOS 7.0 platform. With the 7.0 update comes a better user interface, easier-to-use workflow, and better MIDI mapping integration.

For those of you who aren't familiar with DJ Player, its an iOS app that can allow users to DJ on the standalone touch interface of the device or the iOS device can be connected to a DJ controller or DJ soundcard for a professional DJ experience with performance that would rival full computer DJ setups.

The DJ Player 7.0 release is now available in the Apple App Store and you can check out all the details in the press release and link below.

Major update for DJ Player - new UI and more

DJ Player is still the only (and original) iOS DJ app targeted for real DJ booth/club usage, delivering the highest performance and most advanced technology.

And until today, it was the UGLIEST and HARDEST to learn as well.

“We are performance geeks in every direction, which had it’s impact on the user interface. We are going to change the game with DJ Player 7.0.” said Gábor Szántó, the guy who was responsible for the “deceptively fugly” user interface, as written in an App Store review.

The new version of DJ Player has a totally new UI, and not just the graphics has changed: all workflows were redesigned for ease-of-use, conformity and way shorter learning curve. The pro usage is still important, but it’s really fun to use DJ Player everywhere now, not just in the DJ booth. The official “what’s new” list says:

- Redesigned user interface for new look and feel.
- Vertically controllable knobs.
- “BIG” alternative mixing interface.
- Secondary features for all faders (tap the fader body outside of the fader head).
- Easier looping workflow (similar to CDJ-2000).
- Beat/tempo/off/hidden sync modes instead of separate sync/quant.
- Effects simplified to 3 units per deck. 11 different effects available (two in FX 1 and FX 3, seven in FX 2).
- Almost all settings are reorganized into an easy interface inside the app.
- Super low device utilization, improved battery life and even lower jitter.
- Great smoothness, no GUI stuttering, 60 fps on every device from the iPhone 3GS and the first iPad.
- Bluetooth audio and AirPlay.
- New default MIDI mappings with tighter integration. Please remove the old mappings in iTunes File Sharing.
- Beamz laser controller support.

The software is also getting close to the “device utilisation big picture”, a vision of a new software architecture they work on since 2008.

“We’ve finished with 90% of the architecture, providing incredible results. The competition or even Apple can not come close to this. DJ Player’s audio engine outperforms every other solution.”

iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 owners will be happy to hear that although DJ Player had always the lowest device utilisation (CPU, battery, etc.), it is cut by another 50% this time. DJ Player 7.0 delivers true 60 fps smoothness with low latency audio, high quality time stretching and effects on single core iOS devices as well.

Dual-core devices, like the iPad 2 can run four decks with a maximum CPU usage of 40% (23% average). But the real magic comes from the iPhone 5’s A6 processor (20% maximum, 14% average), which theoretically could run 32 decks simultaneously with DJ Player!

Pure DJ?

The Pure DJ concept is canceled for now due not enough interest and the very different concepts of “what’s pure”. But most suggestions were built into the new interface, so it’s much friendlier for “old hands” or hip-hop DJs.

“You can think about DJ Player 7.0 as Pure DJ.” said Gábor. All these developments comes for a little price - some very special features were removed:

- Single deck mode, because few people used it. It was a huge amount of code and exceptions to maintain.
- NetOut WiFi audio transmission. It was too hard to set up and prevent dropouts. Bluetooth audio and AirPlay is supported now.
- The new graphics engine doesn’t allow custom backgrounds yet due RAM issues, sorry.

Price and availability

The new version is a free update without any hidden costs at the app store…

Special thanks to

- All the beta testers’ hard work during the hot days of August.
- MIDI Designer for the inspiration of the vertically controllable knobs.
- Sebastian Glück for the colours.

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