Gemini RS-415USB Loudspeaker with USB/SD Playback

By | Posted February 6, 2012
Gemini has been on their grind lately releasing some new speakers and products geared towards Mobile DJ’s and small event users on a...
Gemini RS415-USB PA Speaker
Gemini has been on their grind lately releasing some new speakers and products geared towards Mobile DJ's and small event users on a budget. This time they have released the new Gemini RS-415USB Powered Loudspeaker that has on-board USB and SD card ports for direct music or track playback. There is also a bright LCD screen with controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat, or Track Skip giving users the ability to locate their tracks. This 300-watt system includes a 15-inch woofer and a Titanium driver for the highs all in one compact and mobile package. There are also XLR and RCA inputs for playback of other devices along with an XLR output to expand the system to other amps and speakers for more demanding gigs. Check the press release below for more information.

Gemini’s RS-415USB: Not Just Another Loudspeaker

Edison, NJ – Gemini, a division of GCI Technologies, is now shipping the RS-415USB, a great sounding loudspeaker that combines impeccable audio quality with a built-in USB and SD media player, allowing you to select and play tracks directly from a memory card or USB storage device. 

The RS-415USB’s player section features an SD card slot and a USB port, along with controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat and Track Skip, enabling users to locate their desired track on the connected device and play it with ease. A bright LCD screen even displays your track information, making navigation quick and simple. The speaker also boasts a 15-inch woofer and 1.75-inch Titanium high frequency driver in a bi-amped, 300-watt system (245W + 55W), offering powerful, full-range sound and accurate audio reproduction.

“Gemini’s RS loudspeakers offer great sound quality and outstanding value,” says Mark Wilder, Vice President of Marketing for GCI Technologies. “Now, with the addition of a built-in USB and SD media player, the RS-415USB lets users play and control music right from an attached SD card or USB memory stick. Bands and mobile musicians can incorporate backing tracks into their sets, while bar, club and restaurant owners can use the RS-415USB as a simple, convenient way to provide music for their customers.”

The RS-415USB also features bass and treble tone control, plus dual microphone inputs as well as Line RCA and XLR inputs. An XLR output even allows a user to link additional speakers for a larger, louder setup. Thanks to its clever design, the RS-415USB combines a versatile, affordable loudspeaker solution with a powerful, handy media player. 

U.S. $349.00 / Euro €409.00
UK 359.00£

Gemini RS415-USB PA Speaker
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Gemini RS415-USB PA Speaker

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