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Microphones have been pretty much the same in terms of looks and styling for years and years. Usually you have a black and/or silver combination of colors to make up your everyday run-of-the-mill microphone. Even though some are possibly made out of better electronics and materials than others, they still all look just about the same. In steps the new Holophone Customizable and Professional Microphones that allows performers and DJ's the option to customize each mic's Casing, Windscreen, and grille on the fly.


The first in the new line of Holophone Mics is the Super C handheld supercardioid condenser Mic with great durability and great sound properties to match. Each Super C microphone is hand assembled in Canada and comes with a custom carry case, microphone clip and other accessories and will come in at around $500 each. More info to come at NAMM 2013 next month...

Holophone Takes On the Mic Establishment
Renowned Multi-Channel Mic Creator Unveils Radically Different Line of Vocal and Instrumental Microphones

Toronto, ON, November 2012… Holophone, the world’s foremost innovators in multi-channel surround microphone technology, is introducing a new line of single-channel stage and studio microphones. Designed for the most critical live, recording, and broadcast applications, these new Holophone mics are powerful, customizable, and guaranteed to slap some life into today’s stagnant market of monotonous, generic microphones.

The new Super C handheld supercardioid condenser is the first in a new line of customizable performance mics created by Holophone. Combining ruggedness and low handling noise with unprecedented ergonomic comfort, the Super C features the same proprietary capsule technology employed in Holophone’s highly acclaimed surround microphones, including the award-winning H2-PRO, the go-to mic for the world’s most prominent productions in Broadcast, Concert Sound, Film, and Music Recording.

Holophone’s new mics deliver more than just distinct sonic character - they also deliver individuality, with a design that allows the user to quickly customize the mic’s appearance on the fly. Each microphone’s casing, windscreen, and grille can be instantly changed to any of a wide range of custom colors, providing unprecedented on-stage and on-camera visual versatility, as well as a whole new level of hygienic appeal.

With a retro-modern look that will turn heads and a distinctive, balanced ergonomic design, Holophone’s Super C series offers a precision fit and finish that elevates the microphone from a simple tool to a true musical instrument.

“Let’s be honest - today’s microphone market is littered with mundane, generic clones of one another,” says Holophone President and Founder Michael Godfrey. “We believe vocal performers and musicians want a more personalized, unique, and comfortable solution for their instrument.”

“Vocal performers and musicians are individuals,” adds Holophone CEO Jonathan Godfrey. “Individuality and uniqueness are what they’re going to find in our products, backed up by world leading sonic quality and excellence in design.”

“We’ve conducted an extensive period of market evaluation, research, design, and testing, and we’re excited to be announcing some really new and different products,” says Michael Godfrey. “We’ve tested these microphones against competitors’ offerings eight ways from Sunday and simply put, they rock!”

Jonathan Godrey sums it up: “The microphone market is about to change. There’s a new game in town. The Holophone Green Man Smiles Today!”

Hand assembled in Canada, the Super C includes a custom carrying case, microphone clip, and other accessories, and will be available for $499 MSRP. Holophone will be showcasing their entire new line of products - including a soon-to-be-announced top secret stage and studio mic - at NAMM 2013 in Anaheim, California January 24-27, 2013.

About Holophone

For nearly 20 years, Holophone has been committed to developing technologies and products that bring the physical experience of “really being there” to a new level for audio and visual productions. Holophone® Microphone Systems employ patented audio technology that effortlessly captures the most accurate spatiality, audio imaging, and directionality available, providing the ideal front end for sporting events, location recording, feature film production, and DVD recording. Holophone microphone technology has captured thousands of national and international broadcasts, including the Grammy Awards, Oscar winning fil ms, the Olympics, the NFL Super Bowl, and more.

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