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By | Posted December 3, 2012
The new Company Loopport.com is the new source for DJ’s and Producers to get plenty of Loops, Sounds, and Samples of many different...
The new Company Loopport.com is the new source for DJ's and Producers to get plenty of Loops, Sounds, and Samples of many different genres in order to create and manipulate music just the way they wish. All of the royalty-free content is downloaded in Bitpacks which allow users to select individual sounds to compile a list of only the parts you need instead of downloading an entire library of content that won't be used. Check out the official press release and watch the Loopport.com introductory video on this new and exciting company below.

Loopport, The Musicians Resource for Quality Sounds, Loops, and Samples

Co-founders Max Royale and Ryan Federico created Loopport.com with a simple mission: give producers, artists and DJs free access to high-quality loops, beats, samples, and patches in every format. Loopport makes the process easier for everyone from the amateur bedroom producer to the to A-list producer, offering a streamlined approach to creating music. Everything on the site is royalty-free and can be used immediately by subscribers.

The massive Loopport.com library is broken up into easily-digestible mini bundles called Bitpaks, which give musicians the ability to pick and choose specific sounds, rather than having to download the entire library. This offers users both the inspiration and the production tools they need to suit their creative desires, without having to pay a lot of money for sample banks - or search the web for hours.

Loopport is the springboard for an instant creative spark, and everything on the site is available for immediate download to free subscribers. For more information visit http://www.loopport.com.

About Loopport - The Musicians Resource for quality sounds, loops and samples

Our Mission At Loopport
Our mission here at Loopport is quite simple. Create and distribute the most exceptional loops, beats, samples, patches, and other musician tools of the highest quality and make them available to producers, musicians and Dj’s around the world in every format.

How Did Loopport Come About?
After years of purchasing thousands of dollars worth of sample CDs and downloadable loop packs we found that most of the content was expensive and often overpacked with sounds we didn’t use, and new content from these companies were non-existent…so basically everyone ends up using the same sounds. Don’t get me wrong, we still use loops from other companies for our own production and we would say the quality is usually pretty good, it’s just hard to justify spending $30-$40 sometimes more per download when in the end we only end up using 5, maybe 10, samples or loops and most producers are always looking for creative new ways to step up their production game. We created Loopport to fill this void.

What is a Loopport Bitpak?
We have designed a more streamlined approach to creating music giving musicians the ability to pick and choose specific loops, sounds, samples and tools with formats that work best for their immediate needs. We call them Bitpaks and we deliver access to them in this subscriber-based website. Instant creative spark…thats what loopport does.

What Does This Mean For You?
This flexibility of formats, loops and sounds, along with complete catalog access is what we give you. Meaning you get sounds that are updated daily, not sounds from 6-12 months past (the average time it takes most manufactures to create sample CD/sample download pack). We also give you loops and samples in useful formats (like component files) saving you tons of time in your productions.

What Do We Do?
We strive to make all our sounds, loops, samples and patches work with every major format. Yes, EVERY major format - from Ableton Live to Pro Tools, from Garageband to Stylus RMX, and everything in between, our sounds will work in whatever platform you use. We also strive to mix and master our sounds to the highest quality, ready for release.

Experts in Music Production?
Loopport is a team, composed of up and coming as well as major label credit producers/musicians/DJ’s, a couple of sound designers and one very generous studio owner. A small but growing community of Sound Engineers, Producers, and DJ’s also supports us, and we would not be here if it wasn’t for everyone’s contribution. Thanks peeps.


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