MixEmergency 2.4 Compatible with Serato DJ [Video]

By | Posted February 19, 2014
When the Serato DJ software was released, the MixEmergency software plugin that allows Serato users to DJ with video was left out in the...
When the Serato DJ software was released, the MixEmergency software plugin that allows Serato users to DJ with video was left out in the cold as it was incompatible with the newest form of their popular DJ software. Serato DJ users were forced to use the Serato Video plug-in to do their Video DJ sets. Now, Serato has made things right by allowing Inklen to produce a new version of MixEmergency 2.4 that is now fully-compatilbe with Serato DJ.

Serato themselves haven't pledged their support, but since there are so many users that work with both Serato and MixEmergency; it just makes the most sense for Serato to yield to the demand. Since MixEmergency 2.4 now works with Serato DJ, this means that the Rane/Pioneer Serato Mixers and soundcards, along with all the DJ controllers that run the full Serato DJ software are also now fully compatible with MixEmergency. Users who already have the 2.0 software or higher get the 2.4 update for free. Anyone with the 1.x software can purchase the upgrade for $99, and new users will pay the full $199 price for a fresh install. Check out the full press release and links to the software below...

MixEmergency 2.4: Serato DJ compatible!

February 19, 2014:  Inklen is proud to announce official compatibility with Serato DJ in version 2.4 of MixEmergency - Inklen’s industry-leading Video DJing software.

It’s the news many Video DJs have been waiting for.  The release allows Video DJs migrating to Serato DJ to maintain the high level of video performance they get using MixEmergency.

It also gives DJs using Serato DJ controllers their first opportunity to officially use MixEmergency, the Video DJing software of choice for professional Video DJs.  MixEmergency is compatible with the full range of Serato DJ’s controllers.

Users who own a MixEmergency 1 license code are still eligible to upgrade to MixEmergency 2 for only $99.  For more information, visit: http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency/upgrade

Download MixEmergency 2.4 here: http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency/download

New in MixEmergency 2.4:
- Serato DJ Compatibility
- Minor bug-fixes

About MixEmergency:
MixEmergency is the most advanced Video DJing software available for Scratch Live and Serato DJ. Over 120 built-in and add-on effects and transitions are included to allow DJs/VJs to manipulate their visuals in exciting new ways.

The full version of MixEmergency is available for US$199 from the Inklen website.  A time-limited demo of MixEmergency is available for download from http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency/ .

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