Mixfader PT01 Scratch Dock [Video]

By | 6 months ago
A few months ago, we gave you a full review of the new Numark PT01 Scratch Portable DJ turntable with an internal crossfader switch that allows DJ's to cut without needing anything extra. The king of all portable faders has now created a cool new dock attachment that allows users to switch out the crossfader switch for a Mixfader.

The Mixfader can work with Bluetooth and phone apps to cut the music and scratch sounds and its also rechargeable as well. The only hard sell of this device is that the Mixfader is $129 which is the same cost as the Nuamrk PT01 Scratch and the additional dock will cost another $15. The Mixfader IS probably the best portable fader out there though, so its up to the user if its all worth the additional costs. Check it out in the video above, then head over to the Mixfader Website to see more demos an buy your own!
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