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Mixvibes, a leader in Digital DJ software solutions, has recently announced the release of it's new DJ software CrossDJ for the iPad. DJ's can now use the iPad with the CrossDJ software to get a professional and very user friendly iPad DJ experience. CrossDJ for iPad allows DJ's to mix music, adjust the 3-Band EQ, set loops and cues and so much more. CrossDJ for iPad also takes advantage of the iOS media management system for quick browsing and loading. If you already have an iPad, then the software can be had for less than $20 which is almost a steal! Check out the full press release and video below for more information.

MixVibes release CrossDJ for iPad - The first professional DJing App

MixVibes is proud to present the first professional DJing application: CrossDJ for iPad.

MixVibes delivers a unique iPad DJing experience with a user friendly yet professional and feature rich layout. This application allows all DJs to enjoy the pleasure of performing quality sounding mixes on an iPad.

CrossDJ for iPad was developed by the same professional software team who developed CrossDJ and Cross. Hence, no other iPad application has ever received such professional expertise and attention to ergonomics and user feedback.

Eric Guez C.E.O. of MixVibes: “I believe that the iPad is and will become a serious DJing tool in years to come. iCrossDJ is professional and complete solution looking to enter this new market.”

A complete DJing tool, CrossDJ for iPad is a fully equipped DJing controller, featuring a full 2-channel mixer with 3 bank EQs and kills, preset loops, 6 locators, high precision audio FX with X/Y control pad, smart seek and much more.

In addition, CrossDJ for iPad takes advantage of the iPad/iPhone media management paradigm with fluid, rapid and intuitive browsing and loading. You can easily access all iTunes playlists and filter the media collection using a smart Dynamic Triple Criteria Filter. With CrossDJ for iPad music monitoring is possible thanks to the split-mono routing modes available.

Clean mixes and clear sound is what you get with CrossDJ for iPad.

RRP: 14,99€ / 18,99 USD / 13,49 £
9.99 € / 11,99 USD / 7,99 £ (launch price for 4 weeks)
Availability: April 2012

Thanks to 10 years of expertise in DJing software, MixVibes brings you a functional iPad application including all the main DJing features you will need to perform and control a perfectly seamless mix. The mixer section includes 2 players with 3 band equalizers with frequency kills, a gain, 2 faders and a cross fader.

CrossDJ for iPad features top notch DJing FX with X/Y control pad, allowing you to push the creativity of your mixes to the highest level. There are also audio generators included in CrossDJ for iPad such as Bliss, Low Pass, Pad Delay, Pad Roll, Pad Flanger which are synchronized to the BPM.

Loop lengths vary from 1/8 beat to 16 beats (4bars). Two loop modes are available on CrossDJ for iPad: A toggle mode which is the normal loop mode and an “slip” mode in which you cans change the size of the loop by slipping your finger on the screen. The loop snaps off when you remove your finger and the track keeps playing.

A smart seek function (including a security mode) allows you to scroll through a track that is play with no disruption to the mix.

The BPM analysis algorithm used by CrossDJ for iPad has been fire tested by time and perfected to the max for the iPad. This analysis is performed automatically the first time you load a track. Once analyzed, the mix is visually assisted with display of high definition waveform.

Thanks to the “Beatgrid” feature, the edits you can easily to the grid and the progression wheels on the wave forms, mixes will be flawless and easy to perform.

CrossDJ for iPad is compatible with most popular audio formats including every format that working on iTunes and many more. A pristine sound quality will be offered by the Headphone jack or you can also enjoy the iPad’s speakers.

CrossDJ for iPad offer multiple routing modes which allow you to either play through one master stream or split into two signals: Master and Monitor (Headphones). The second routing mode actually allows you to DJ in professional conditions.

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