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By | Posted November 29, 2012
We recently reviewed the Mixvibes Cross 2.0 software along with the Mixvibes DVS Crosspack solution that we found to be one of the best DJ...
We recently reviewed the Mixvibes Cross 2.0 software along with the Mixvibes DVS Crosspack solution that we found to be one of the best DJ software around at the best price imaginable. Check out our full HD-Video review of the software and DVS combo pack here. Now Mixvibes Cross DJ software users can purchase and download the new Mixvibes Video Plug-In that gives DJ's the ability to mix, scratch, loop, and spin using video files on the computer. The new video plug-in will set you back $149 but for a limited time, you can get it for only $75 and can be obtained via the following link: http://www.mixvibes.com/content/products/video-plug

We'll download the new plug-in and have a few words for the software soon enough, but check out the press release below for more information or to download your own Mixvibes Video Plug-In.

Mixvibes Video Plug-in - Product overview

MixVibes Video Plug-in is a powerful tool that allows you to play, mix and scratch video files within your beloved CrossDJ and Cross Software.

You will be able to mix videos like music and create impressive HD visual displays into your sets, integrating stunning effects, transitions… : no need to be a video specialist.

All DJ features from CrossDJ work within the Video Plug-in: Play a locator or a loop, scratch, add FX: every action that you usually perform on audio will also be performed on the video !

By default, the plug-in is set so, that you’ll only have to load a music-video clip and mix it just like you use to mixing audio. The software takes care of the rest:

  The video is synced to the audio’s BPM
  The cross fader performs transition for both audio and video at the same time
  The effects (FX) are applied to both the audio and the video stream

You can also take full control over audio and video separately (see below)

The Video Plug-in does not just handle all that DJ software has to offer and adds video to it.
It offers powerful DJing-VJing features that will allow you to create an impressive performance for your audience:

  1080p High-Definition Video file handling and Output on a second monitor, video-projector or HD screen
  Load a music-video file, or load music and video separately in each player
  Apply an FX to the audio stream or the video stream separately
  Apply cross-fader movements to audio or video separately
  Add amazing video transitions from the integrated mixer (over 20 different transitions)


Being a Plug-in, it means you can decide to activate it or not, returning to your usual DJ user interface and reload it any time.

The Video Plug-in integrates seamlessly within CrossDJ / Cross : it only adds a video preview in each player without changing its ergonomics, and switches your usual DJ mixer to a video mixer allowing you to preview your music and video mix. Still, you can click ‘audio’ on the mixer to switch it back to normal.

With this simple plug-in, no need to be a Video specialist: you’ll be able to Mix Video while keeping your usual DJ ergonomics.

Being built on CrossDJ’s basis, the Video Plug-in is a highly reliable tool which benefits from the quality of CrossDJ and of course from all its
  Locators, loops, audio sampler,...
  2 FX units
  Highly-accurate BPM and beatgrid analysis
  Snap and Quantize features
  The best media browsing engine on the market

Get Cross now
Note: To be installed and run, the Video Plug-in requires  
CrossDJ or Cross software, from version 2.2 or higher

Plug-in control modes
Just like MixVibes Cross, MixVibes Video Plug-in can be controlled via:
  Your laptop
  Your DJ MIDI Controller: Over 60 MIDI presets are included within CrossDJ / Cross to control video
  Timecode control*: Turntable / CD player + MixVibes control Vinyl/ CD (Cross only)
* : CrossDJ can only be controlled via the MIDI protocol.
If you wish to use the Video Plug-in with Time Code,
you will need to install MixVibes Cross.

The Video Plug-in, in addition to all CrossDJ/ Cross audio formats, supports the following video file formats:
.mov, .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .m4v, .mkv, .vob, .flv, .divx, .webm, .wmv.

For you to be able to start enjoying the Video Plug-in right away, MixVibes provides you with free exclusive video content by 2 artists from our PRO Team - DVJ DFRANK and VJ TEKYES - along with video clips from our partner MixMash.
Download the video content now from our download center (forum login required).

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