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By | Posted January 14, 2011
Numark has something for the “old-school” rack-mount dual CD Deck DJ’s for NAMM 2011 as well.  Introducing the newest...
Numark has something for the "old-school" rack-mount dual CD Deck DJ's for NAMM 2011 as well. Introducing the newest dual rack-mount CD Deck called the Numark CDN77USB. The USB part is obviously added to the name so that DJ's can use USB drives for audio playback instead of using only CD's. This is a welcomed update for mobile DJ's who want to still play their CD's, but also want the option to add tracks directly from their computers via USB flash drives. Press release and pricing details below...


Affordable Rack-mount Deck Plays MP3 CDs and Digital Music From USB Drives

Cumberland, R.I. (Jan. 13, 2011) – Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ
technology, introduces CDN77USB, a professional USB/CD player designed for
budget-conscious DJs who use CDs or MP3s. Numark will showcase the
CDN77USB at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, Booth #6400, January
13 – 16, 2011.

CDN77USB is a Dual USB and MP3 CD player designed for professional DJs. USB
drive support allows DJs to put their entire digital music library on a USB flash or hard
drive and use it at a gig. For DJs transitioning to using MP3 files, CDN77USB is ideal
because allows them to still use their entire library of CDs or MP3 CDs. In addition,
CDN77USB comes loaded with features like Master Tempo, Scratching, Seamless
Loop, Pitch Control, Reverse and Brake effects and an Auto-BPM counter, making
CDN77USB an affordably priced unit with premium features.

For DJs whose libraries live on their computer, CDN77USB is a perfect solution.
Thousands of songs can be loaded from a computer onto a USB flash or hard drive,
which can then be accessed from either of the CDN77USB’s two USB inputs. DJs
can also load two songs from a single flash drive at the same time.

“CDN77USB is really a complete solution for DJs using CD and USB media,” said
Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “There has never been a
rack-mounted deck at this price with all of these features.”

CDN77USB will be available from musical instrument and DJ retailers in Q1 2011
with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $499.00 and an estimated street
price of $299.95.

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