[NAMM 2013] Numark NS7 II Announced (Video)

By | Posted January 23, 2013
The Numark NS7 was and still is a huge hit amongst DJ’s who want the feel of good old fashioned vinyl mixed in with the convenience of...
The Numark NS7 was and still is a huge hit amongst DJ's who want the feel of good old fashioned vinyl mixed in with the convenience of a Digital DJ Controller. At this year's NAMM, Numark has announced the successor to its super successful controller called the NS7 II. The NS7 II has the same vinyl top actively spinning motorized platters found on the original NS7 along with two extra channels of control, a standalone mixer function, and 16 performance pads that will all work in perfect harmony with the new Serato DJ software.

Sporting the same 16-performance pad layout of current Serato DJ flagship controller the Pioneer DDJ-SX; it seems that the Numark NS7 II is aimed towards taking the top-honors for the best DJ controller to use on a Serato DJ platform. These 16 multi-color backlit performance pads were taken directly from the Akai MPC line so you know you are getting top-quality drumming style buttons to mash on while performing. The NS7 II pads will be used for Hotcues, Samples, Loop Roll, and Slicer functions of Serato DJ.

The Motorized Platters on the NS7 has finally found its way to a true four-deck DJ controller. I, for one, asked Numark to do this back when they released the NS6, but I guess it wasn't quite ready yet for the market. I'm sure there are lots of DJ's out there that really want that true vinyl and spinning platter feel of original turntables even on a DJ controller, and the NS7 II makes this possible while also providing four decks of control and the same durable and mostly-metal build quality of the original Numark NS7.

Another really cool and innovative feature on the NS7 II is the inclusion of touch sensitive knobs for EQ's. Yes, you read right... the EQ knobs are touch sensitive so that they can also be used as MIDI buttons to kill or add EQ's throughout playback.

There is no word yet on the price or release date of the NS7, but as soon as we know more information from the NAMM 2013 showroom floor, we'll let you know. We'll also be 100000% sure to get one for a full out Video review. Stay Tuned!


Incorporating exclusive technology from Akai Professional, NS7 II offers DJs the most responsive control surface ever created with virtually every inch filled with advanced touch-sensitive controls.

Cumberland, R.I. (January 24, 2013) – Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces NS7 II, a dramatically enhanced and updated version of the industry’s most advanced and best-selling motorized DJ controller, NS7. NS7 II features four channels, 16 backlit RGB velocity-sensitive MPC® pads from Akai Professional, expanded effects controls—including a full array of capacitive touch-activated knobs and filters—and the most comprehensive integration for Serato DJ available. Numark will exhibit and demo NS7 II for the first time at Booth 6700 at the 2013 NAMM show, January 24-27 in Anaheim, California.

For more than 20 years, Numark has set the pace in the world of digital DJing, empowering DJs with cutting-edge technology that has continually advanced the art form. In 2007, Numark and Serato® released NS7, a controller that blends different eras of DJing so completely it makes them virtually indistinguishable from each other. Since then, the powerful experience offered by NS7 has defined the top tier of DJ performance, setting the standard by which all other controllers are judged.

Now, with NS7 II, Numark is pushing the modern DJ’s performance capability even further, incorporating iconic technology from Akai Professional, the world leader in music production technology and creator of the legendary MPC. NS7 II’s 16 MPC pads can be instantly assigned to control five dynamic performance features in Serato DJ: Cues, Loop, Roll, Sampler, and Slicer. In addition, each pad features RGB illumination, allowing for a virtually endless amount of color variations assignable via MIDI. Vinyl platter control has never felt more familiar with its high- and low-torque motorized platters with real slip mats and real vinyl sitting on 3,600 ticks of resolution. NS7 II’s four-channel mixer works with or without a computer and includes a full array of external device inputs. Capacitive touch-activated filter, gain, EQ, and effects knobs are other features incorporated from Akai Professional, which turn the knobs themselves into control surfaces. DJs can use them for instant-on parameter control, blending effects, and instant frequency kills. “NS7 II is an interactive playground,” said Chris Roman, Numark Product Manager. “It’s built to squeeze every ounce of capability out of Serato DJ and push your creative limits. It’s born to perform and to empower DJs with maximum live-performance creative capability.”

NS7 II will be unveiled at Booth 6700 at the 2013 NAMM show on January 24th.

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