NAMM 2016: Gemini SDJ-2000

By | Posted January 21, 2016
Gemini DJ has just announced a brand new all in one standalone DJ system with a built-in seven-inch screen and the ability to playback files...
Gemini DJ has just announced a brand new all in one standalone DJ system with a built-in seven-inch screen and the ability to playback files using USB hard drives instead of a laptop. The Gemini SDJ-2000 will work with a music management software called VCase which will allow users to setup their music libraries, loops, and cue points similar to Pioneer's Rekordbox or Denon's Engine. The SDJ-2000 can also connect to additional Gemini MDJ-1000 units to share the same music library from a single USB source.

The Gemini SDJ-2000 also has on-board effects, XLR, RCA, and TRS outputs, and can be used as a DJ controller in MIDI mode. Check out the full press release below for more details.

NAMM 2016: Gemini SDJ-2000
Gemini’s upcoming SDJ-2000 Media Player sets the new standard for All-in-One DJ products, offering users a wealth of flagship-quality features.  The SDJ-2000 combines a rugged, professional control surface with an advanced embedded system that makes traditional DJ software and an additional computer unnecessary.

The SDJ-2000 is a completely stand-alone media player.  All you need is your music on a single USB drive and you’re ready to play.  No computer necessary!
Need more sources?  You can connect up to 2 additional MDJ-1000s via the Ethernet connector on the back of the SDJ-2000 and share library and sync functionality.  Or you can connect your traditional gear using the 6 analog inputs.
The SDJ-2000 sports a massive 7 inch 1024X600 resolution screen, making it easy to see what you’re doing in any situation.
Onboard processor offers 8 different effects, and those effects can be applied to any channel - even external analog sources!
The SDJ-2000 includes a replaceable mini innoFADER crossfader for years of smooth, reliable operation.
Gemini’s free VCase Library Management software allows you to pre-analyze large music collections on your Mac or PC.
The rear panel of the SDJ-2000 includes master out (XLR and RCA), as well as a separately controlled booth output, 2 microphone inputs, integrated power supply, Ethernet (to connect other compatible players), and USB MIDI.
Do you prefer software?  The SDJ-2000 can also operate in full MIDI mode as a controller for the program of your choice.

No matter if you’re an established DJ or just starting out, the features and pricing of the SDJ-2000 make it the perfect choice.

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