Native Instruments presents: Hyper Beats from the Bairros [Video]

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Today, Native Instruments has just released a short series of three videos that explores the beat making philosophies of the new sound of Bairros.  The NI team shows the fusing of African rhythms, hip-hop, and electronic music through the eyes of the producers who are making this new genre known.  NI shows how they are using the Maschine Jam and the simple Maschine worfklow to create beats on the fly.  Check out the cool video and press release below along with links for more info on this new scene...

Press release - for immediate release

Native Instruments presents: Hyper Beats from the Bairros

Inside the raw Lisbon underground scene

Berlin, August 2, 2017 – Native Instruments today released a series of videos on the new generation of DJs and producers fusing African rhythms with cutting-edge electronic music in suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal. Made primarily by young immigrants and refugees from Lusophone Africa – Angola, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe – the music fuses ferocious urgency, raw beats, and ecstatic grooves into a gravity-defying experience. The result is a fertile hybrid of African polyrhythms mashed with techno, bass, and house music – and it sounds like nothing else.

Centered about the Principe Discos label, the scene has garnered huge coverage recently.
An editorial video was filmed around the key artist’s homes and neighborhoods, and looks at their creative processes and the influence of their communities on the music they make.

Additional videos show each of the artists producing new tracks using only Maschine Jam – currently the tool of choice within the community of producers. These beat-making videos are long form and were shot in real time – the full process can be observed with no edits. Two are available to watch now, with more to come in the next weeks.

The editorial video is available at:

DJ Marfox’ beatmaking video is available at:

DJ Nigga Fox’ beatmaking video is available at:

An extensive written profile on Lisbon’s underground scene is available on the Native Instruments Blog:

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