New Traktor Remix Sets by Audion, Truncate, & More

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Traktor Kontrol F1

The Traktor Remix Decks allows DJ's to perform like producers in real-time while beatmashing and remixing with different sounds, loops, hotcues, and effects using different controllers. The Remix Decks originally came with a few Remix sets to get users started, but NI has made sure to keep releasing Fresh and New Remix Sets for users to play with, all for a small fee. Check out the seven new Remix Sets created by various artists.

The seven new Remix Sets in this latest release are available on Beatport, Juno, whatpeopleplay, and Traxsource. These new Remix Sets contain sets from Audion, Truncate, Shinedoe, Marek Hemmann, Format:B, Danton Eeprom, and KD Music artists. Check out the NI site using the link below to get your new Remix Sets today...

New Traktor Remix Sets

Ignite your creativity with seven new Remix Sets from partnering stores Beatport, Juno, whatpeopleplay, and Traxsource. Remix Sets from Audion, Truncate, Shinedoe, Marek Hemmann, Format:B, Danton Eeprom, and KD Music artists are now available and ready for the dancefloor. Deconstructed tracks from some of the hottest producers provide all the beats, loops, and parts you need for TRAKTOR’s Remix Decks. Fuel up and dive deep into TRAKTOR today.

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