Pioneer Announces DDJ-SX for Serato DJ

By | Posted October 2, 2012
Serato DJ software was just announced today and with it came the announcement of its newest and first official DJ controller called the...
Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital DJ Controller
Serato DJ software was just announced today and with it came the announcement of its newest and first official DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SX. The new Pioneer DDJ-SX looks to be one of the most professional-grade DJ controllers from Pioneer to-date with a brushed metal chassis and heavy duty appearance. The DDJ-SX will be very tightly integrated with the Serato DJ software and below each jog wheel there are (8) velocity-sensitive performance pads that can be used for Cue-points, Loop Rolls, Slicer, and the SP-6, similar to the way Vestax VCI-380 does it today with Serato ITCH. The DDJ-SX will take advantage of the new Dual Deck Mode which will allow uses to link two software decks together and manipulate them both at the same time with only one jog wheel. The center of the jog wheels have the familiar Pioneer CDJ-style LED ring that lets the user know where the "needle" is at a glance. The jog wheels are no longer the push-top style known on other DDJ series controllers. They are now touch-sensitive and have some very high resolution for accurate mixing and scratching.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX also can function as a four-channel standalone mixer for external playback devices such as CDJ's and turntables. The DDJ-SX can accept up to two vinyl turntables, two Line level devices (CDJ's), and two microphones. There is a hose of outputs to choose from as well with an Master RCA connection, Master XLR connection, and a quarter-inch Booth connection. Hopefully we'll see some type of Serato Scratch Live integration in the near future so we can see combinations of DVS setups and DJ controllers all working together in perfect harmony. The DDJ-SX also has the iconic Slip-Mode from the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000NEXUS that allows DJ's to add another dimension to their mix. The Strip-Search bar above each jog wheel allows users to search through tracks easily. Each of the four channels have a dedicated HP/LP filter knob which will work in software or standalone mixer mode (similar to the Vestax VCI-400). There's also Channel Fader Start that will start tracks automatically when any channel fader is switched to "on" position.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX has lots of good things going for it and the feature-set is a perfect combination to highlight all of the new features found in the new Serato DJ software. The release date is November 1st (along with the Serato DJ software) and the first 10,000 DDJ-SX units will also ship with a license for the powerful Serato Video Plugin for free! I can't wait to get one of these in the lab for a full out HD-Video review, but check the link below for more information directly from Serato and Pioneer...

Pioneer DDJ-SX for Serato DJ

Tight integration with Serato DJ
Developed specifically for Serato DJ, the DDJ-SX controls are tightly integrated with the software features giving you the best hands on control over your performance.

Performance Pad Section
8 velocity sensitive, Performance Pads to control Cue Points, Loop Rolls, Slicer and the SP-6.

Velocity Mode
You can enter Velocity Mode to trigger the SP-6 Sample Player slots. The harder or softer you hit the performance pads, the louder or quieter the samples sound.

Dual Deck Mode
Developed specifically for the DDJ-SX, this allows you to link two software deck layers and manipulate them as one. Go crazy and layer sounds!Large, Touch Sensitive Platters
Trustworthy Pioneer touch sensitive platters with platter illumination and a jog wheel display allow for the tightest control of the virtual decks in Serato DJ.

4-Channel Standalone Hardware Mixer
Connect your CDJs or Turntables and have the best of both worlds.

Slip Mode
Keep everything in time and in the groove. Turn on this mode and trigger cue points, loops or scratch. Once you are done, the track will go back to the position it would have been had you done nothing.

Hardware FX Controls
Dedicated hardware controls for the brand new FX Powered by iZotope in Serato DJ.

Chop sections of your tracks up and re-arrange on the fly. The Slicer cuts a section of your track into 8 pieces, which can be triggered creatively with the 8 performance pads.

Dedicated HP/LP Channel Filters
A dedicated High Pass / Low Pass filter per channel gives you more control to create smooth blends and interesting sounds.

Channel Fader Start
Start playback of your tracks by opening the channel fader.

Serato DJ will be bundled for free with the new Pioneer DDJ-SX controller and will also be available to download direct from from November 1. The first 10,000 DDJ-SX units will also ship with a license for the powerful Serato Video plugin in the box. This will be the first controller to be supported in Serato DJ and delivers all the features and performance to meet the demands of DJs at the top of their game.

Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital DJ Controller
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Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital DJ Controller

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