Pioneer DJ Releases Rekordbox 5.0 Beta with S9 Support!

By | Posted July 11, 2017
I’ve only used the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox software a few times while reviewing other controllers for Pioneer.  I’ve noticed...

I've only used the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox software a few times while reviewing other controllers for Pioneer.  I've noticed that lots of the functions and feel of the software reminded me of Serato DJ.  With the release of Rekordbox 5.0, it seems that both software will have another common function with the Pioneer DJM-S9 being fully supported by both platforms.  The Rekordbox 5.0 is now in BETA testing format meaning anyone can head on over to the Rekordbox Forums to check out the latest update.  Not only does it have full Pioneer DJM-S9 DVS support, but it also has the other fixes and improvements listed below:

[ New ]

Renewed GUI.
DJM-S9 support. (Firmware update is recommended for optimized integration. Please see below.)
Added Key shift / Key sync.
16 Hot Cues / Pad FXs support.
Added Keyboard mode (key-shifted hot cue play).
Added Beat loop mode.
Added an option to play Hot Cue before reaching the next beat.
Added options to set quantize beat value for each function.

[ Improved ]

Added a preference to display 16 slots / 8 slots of the sampler.
Ability to set beat grid even for short / no beat sampling sound.
Quantize hot cue to the closest beat while playing.
Displays remaining and elapsed time at the same time.
Ability to sync with a track whose BPM is double or half of a master deck.
More choices for font size and line space.
Displays original BPM on decks.

We're going to try out the new software with the DJM-S9 let you know how it goes... Stay Tuned! 

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