Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones Now in Green & Violet

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HDJ-500 Headphones

Pioneer is now offering its base-model DJ headphones in all of the colors they offer the new DDJ-WeGO. The Pioneer HDJ-500's which are already offered in Black, White, and Red, will now also be offered in the latest color schemes of Green and Violet. We reviewed the HDJ-500's a while back and they are a great DJ headphone for all users all in a great price. The new Green and Violet HDJ-500's will be available by the end of December 2012 with a street price of about $125. Check out the press release straight from Pioneer and my review in the link listed below.

Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ Headphone Review

Today Pioneer DJ is adding two new color versions of our popular affordable HDJ-500
DJ headphones, a vibrant green (HDJ-500-G) and a brilliant violet

The new color options offer listeners the same exceptional fidelity, comfort and
affordability as the current black, red and white HDJ-500 models.
Consumers now have multiple colors to choose from, a perfect complement to
Pioneer’s recently introduced DDJ-WeGO compact DJ controller, available in
the same five stylish colors.

The HDJ-500-G and HDJ-500-V features include:

  Color to Match Any Style - The new green and violet colors expand
  consumers’ ability to express their personality and style through their

  Exceptional Sound Quality - By combining 40 mm diameter drivers, a thick
  19 m (micrometers) diaphragm and a copper clad aluminum wire (CCAW)
  voice coil, the headphones efficiently reproduce the lower frequency
  audio range, which is critical to mixing.  Kick and snare drums sound
  clearer, making it easier for beginner DJs to match to the beat of

  Comfortable for Extended Wear - Designed for durability, the main
  structure of the headphones is made with magnesium alloy for a
  lightweight feel and toughness. The HDJ-500 also uses comfortable
  urethane pads wrapped in quality leather, allowing the headphones to
  model around the user’s head and ears for a snug and slip-resistant fit,
  providing great feel and ideal for long periods of use.

  Built for Various DJ Monitoring Styles - Each HDJ-500 features a
  rotating arm structure that allows users to rotate the right earpiece
  forward and back by as much as 60 degrees. Combined with the flexible
  headband, at this position there is enough side pressure to allow the
  user to listen to audio playback on one side of the headphones,
  providing maximum flexibility during performances.

  Freedom of Movement - The headphones include two interchangeable cords
  that provide freedom of movement during performances.  The straight 1
  meter cord is perfect for leisure listening, while the coiled 1.2 meter
  cord (extends up to 3 meters) is ideal for the usual DJ performances.

  Design Inspiration - The simple and stylish design of the HDJ-500
  headphones has been modeled after Pioneer’s flagship HDJ-2000
  professional DJ headphones, including the shape of the headphone hanger
  that allows the orientation of the headphones to be identified quickly
  and easily.

The HDJ-500-G and HDJ-500-V headphones will be available at the end of
December 2012 with a suggested retail price of $125.



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