Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable Revealed [Video]

By | Posted July 17, 2014
Pioneer has officially announced their brand new analog vinyl turntable called the PLX-1000.  This new Turntable by has most of the...
Pioneer has officially announced their brand new analog vinyl turntable called the PLX-1000. This new Turntable by has most of the original layout of the iconic Technics 1200's that DJ's are familiar with along with some Super-OEM DNA and other minor improvements and adjustments to set it apart from the rest of the pack. The PLX-1000 also has the familiar Pioneer CDJ looks with the beautiful brushed black finish and silver/nickel accents. Check out the words and demo from legendary turntablists Q-Bert and Shortkut in the video below to get an early look at the PLX-1000.

The PLX-1000 has most of the familiar layout of a Technics 1200 with updates to make it that much better. For starters, it has the same Super-OEM turntable motor that is much more powerful than the standard Technics. This is the same motor in the Stanton ST-150's and other turntables like the new Reloop RP-8000 that we recently reviewed. Another upgrade to the PLX-1000 over the 1200's would be the removable (and replaceable) RCA cable and power cables. The PLX-1000 also has additional sound dampening and rubber reinforcements inside the turntable and also inside the tonearm which makes it a bit heavier than a 1200. Another nice touch is that the start/stop button has also been replaced with the play/pause button from the CDJ series. The PLX-1000 turntable also has new tempo range adjustments of ±8% and ±16% to ±50% while the classic 1200 only had 8%. One other item to note is the absence of a Phono to Line switch which means these turntables don't have an internal pre-amp as some other turntables, so its Phono Mixer RCA inputs for these only.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable has a suggested retail price of $849 according to the press release below and we'll have a full demo and walkthrough at the Atlantic City DJ Expo Next Month, so stay tuned!

Turntable Designed for True Vinyl Enthusiasts

LONG BEACH, Calif. (July 17, 2014) – Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Professional Sound and Visual Division today launched the PLX-1000 professional turntable.  The DJ quality PLX-1000 direct drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel, and performance of vinyl for music playback.  The model offers a highly familiar, user-friendly control layout, high-torque direct drive mechanism, and exceptional audio playback quality. The PLX-1000 can be combined with Pioneer’s professional series DJM mixer for building the ideal system for true vinyl enthusiasts.

“There’s an entire DJ community that continues to use vinyl because they love the concept and feel of a moving platter associated with traditional turntables,” said David Arevalo, director of marketing, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Existing turntable users will definitely appreciate what we’ve put into developing the PLX-1000, and that we’ve stuck to the true philosophy of vinyl.  Now that we have added a high performance analog turntable with superb sound quality into the mix, no matter what type of DJ you are, Pioneer offers a product that will suit your style and preference.”

• User-Friendly Control Layout – The PLX-1000 provides a user friendly layout familiar to top DJs of the past and present, providing quick tempo control capability on the right side of the player, start/stop button on the left side, and a high-torque platter with a lighted speed guide.

• High-Torque Direct Drive System – The direct drive mechanism of the PLX-1000 provides high-torque resulting in stable rotation and exceptional control.  The turntable can achieve a starting torque of at least 4.5 kg-cm and can reach its fixed rotation speed within 0.3 seconds (at 33 1/3 rpm).

• Sound Quality Design – To create an extremely stable player and prevent vibration, Pioneer utilized a heavy-mass zinc die-cast chassis for the top section of the player, reinforced with a bottom section made of 8-mm thick resin.  The base of the unit was further enforced with 9-mm thick vibration-damping material that results in extremely stable playback.  The tone arm also received great attention in build quality and design to maximize performance, using rubber insulation to minimize howling effects during audio playback.  The RCA jacks feature gold-plated machine-cut parts for low impedance for excellent sound quality output.

• Tempo Control – The player provides a range of tempo adjustments from ±8% and ±16% to ±50%, giving users a range of pitch speeds.  A “RESET” button for tempo sits next to the tempo slider for instant ±0% fixed rotation speed.

• Detachable Power and Audio Cables – The PLX-1000 is built with a detachable power and audio cable connection for increased convenience, especially at times when the unit is being moved around. Users are also able to interchange cables to further customize the sound quality.

The Pioneer PLX-1000 professional analog turntable will be available in August with a suggested retail price of $849.

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