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By | Posted April 30, 2013
Serato DJ 1.2 is now available for download to all Serato DJ controller users.  The update also finally brings the Serato DJ software...
Serato DJ 1.2 is now available for download to all Serato DJ controller users. The update also finally brings the Serato DJ software upgrade to Serato Itch users who own the Vestax VCI-380, the Numark NS7, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express and the Pioneer DDJ-S1. The Serato DJ 1.2 upgrade also brings with it the new Multi-FX feature which allows DJ's to chain up to six different effects together at once.

Users of the popular Vestax VCI-380, the Numark NS7, and the Pioneer DDJ-S1 will now get the full Serato DJ treatment for Free with all of its cool features and new layout. I'll be looking into the VCI-380 with Serato DJ shortly and write a few words regarding the upgrade, so stay tuned! The Numark Mixdeckand Mixdeck Express also take advantage of the new look and more features as well but they come at the regular price.

The new Multi-FX feature finally allows users to take advantage of all of their six FX buttons and knobs that are traditionally used this way for Traktor or Virtual DJ software. The Multi-FX allows new ways for DJ's to control the new iZotope powered FX in Serato DJ. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial.

Serato DJ Multi-FX Tutorial Video

Serato DJ 1.2 also gives users a free 14-day trial to those who have a Serato DJ Intro controller. This will let DJ's know if they really want the upgrade features before they commit or to give more incentive for people to upgrade. Either way, it's a great move by the Serato team.

Click the link below to get your upgrade today and the full press release is also below for your reading pleasure.

Serato DJ 1.2 Upgrade

Serato is proud to announce the launch of Serato DJ 1.2, an update to our newest DJ software for professional DJs.

What’s New in Serato DJ 1.2?

Free Trial for Intro Controllers
Serato DJ Intro users with supported controllers can now activate a Free 14 Day Trial and unlock the fully functional software. To take advantage of the full feature set just download Serato DJ 1.2 and follow the trial instructions in-app.

Multi FX Mode
Unlock the next evolution of creative control with a powerful and easy to use FX mode that allows users to select up to three effects per FX bank

Support for the Numark NS7, NS7FX, Vestax VCI-380 and Pioneer DDJ-S1.
Serato DJ is a free upgrade for these controllers, simply plug and play, no license required.
Support for the Numark Mix Deck and MixDeck Express Intro controllers.
Owners of these controllers can now upgrade to Serato DJ.

Other Changes
1.2 also comes with added performance optimization and stability fixes. Check the release notes for more information.

Hardware Support
To check if your controller is compatible with Serato DJ please visit the hardware page

Release Notes

Numark NS7 & NSFX, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express, Pioneer DDJ-S1 and Vestax VCI-380 Support

The NS7*, Mixdeck**, Mixdeck Express**, DDJ-S1* and VCI-380* are now supported as Serato DJ controllers. The NSFX is also supported as an FX contoller. When activated, it offers the following:

  Great new FX Powered by iZotope including: Delay, Echo, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, High Pass Filter (HPF), Low Pass Filter (LPF) and Combo HP/LP Filter
  Multi FX and Single FX mode.
  MIDI mapping
  More Cue Points: set and trigger up to 8 Cue Points Looping:
  Manual, Auto and Loop Rolls are all available
  Sync and Auto Tempo Matching
  Crates and Smart Crates
  SP-6 Sample Player
  Interoperable with Scratch Live, ITCH, DJ Intro and iTunes Music Libraries
  Support for whitelabel.net Files
  Support for Serato Video

* Serato DJ license not required for NS7, DDJ-S1 and VCI-380 owners.

** Requires purchase and activation of Serato DJ License.

*** Recording not supported with the Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express.
New Features

Serato DJ Free 14 Day Trial

Serato DJ Intro users are now able to trial Serato DJ for 14 days for free! Experience the full functionality and power of Serato DJ with your supported Serato DJ Intro controller at no cost.

Multi FX Mode

The new Multi FX Mode allows easy control and extra creativity when using Serato DJ’s FX powered by iZotope. Multi FX Mode allows you to select up to three effects per FX bank with each FX controlled by one parameter, the FX Depth. The effects in each FX bank are chained, so one effect feeds into the next, and the beats multiplier is applied to all effects in each unit. Both units can be assigned to the same channel, allowing up to six effects to be used per channel!The same effects available in Single FX Mode are available in Multi FX Mode, as well some new additional presets.
Other Changes

  View mode no longer changes to Library view mode when the Online Panel is open.
  “Hardware Disconnected” message in offline mode has been changed to reflect if a supported Serato DJ Intro controller is connected but not licensed, or if an unsupported Serato DJ Intro controller is connected.

Bug Fixes

  Fixed audio dropout when engaging any FX which are assigned to a channel that isn’t master.
  Fixed bug where keyboard shortcuts wouldn’t trigger the SP6 if the SP6 panel was closed.
  Fixed VCI-400 master level LEDs not working.
  Fixed incorrect mapping on NS6 of Library push knob. It now toggles between Library, Crates and whatever Area panel is open.
  Fixed bug on NS6 where Loop On/Off button would turn on a new auto loop in manual loop mode.
  Fixed bug on NS6 where double tapping of the Load button didn’t perform an instant double. Fixed bug on NS6 where Booth Output would only work if Master Output was turned up.
  Fixed NS6 channel metering not working.
  Fixed split cue on the NS6 not working.
  Fixed broken FX control lighting on NS6.
  Fixed bug when adjusting a beatgrid using controller platter would also scrub the loaded track.
  Fixed bug where redundant grey space was drawn on GUI when resizing waveforms.
  Fixed crash on Windows when using multiple delays/echoes in the FX unit.
  Fixed bug where the tool tips were semi transparent.
  Fixed bug where triggering a cue point using the keyboard short cuts would also change the library sort order.
  Fixed misaligned decimal point on virtual decks at 100 bpm.
  Fixed bug where no error message was shown in the Slicer modes for tracks without beatgrids.

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