Stanton ST.150 & STR8-150 Gets New Cartridges

By | Posted April 15, 2013
This year at Musikmesse 2013, Stanton has announced that their long standing flagship turntables (the ST-150 and STR8-150) will get new...
Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 Turntables
This year at Musikmesse 2013, Stanton has announced that their long standing flagship turntables (the ST-150 and STR8-150) will get new cartridges included in the box for all future production runs. The Stanton 150 turntables are arguably the best turntables for DJ's with their industry-leading strong motor, and super-heavy-duty build quality. Check out our Stanton STR8-150/ST-150 Turntable Review video to see why...

From this day forward, if someone purchases a Stanton ST-150 (S-tonearm) turntable, they will get a TrackMaster V.3 uni-body cartridge and the buyers of the Stanton STR8-150 (Straight-tonearm) turntable will get the SM V.3 headshell mountable cartridge. This cartridge change is another reason to get a Stanton 150 turntable over the competition. The Stanton 150's currently come bundled with the Stanton 680.V3 which is no slouch by any means, but now Stanton will pair their flagship turntables with their flagship DJ cartridges.

The Stanton ST-150 will get the all-in-one TrackMaster V.3 which we also reviewed (here). They have great tracking ability and they are easy to screw right in and mount.


The STR8-150's will get the Stanton SM V.3 which has the same properties as the TrackMaster V.3, but it must be mounted to the included Stanton Headshell to allow for perfect alignment with the Straight Tonearm.


It seems that most of the DJ world is headed into the DJ controller realm but there are still some die-hard vinyl DJ's out there or others who want a combination of analog and digital to explore all setup options. The Stanton turntables definitely fill that niche and will continue to do so with the Stanton 150 turntables... Check out the full press release below for more information.


Stanton®, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, is pleased to announce that all future production of the industry-leading ST.150 and STR8.150 turntables will include new cartridges, the TrackMaster V.3 and SM V.3. Attendees will be able to get in-person demonstrations of the new cartridges at Musikmesse 2013 (Hall 5.1, Stand B65). The new cartridges, which are among Stanton’s top offerings, provide users with improved performance.

As part of this new offering, the Stanton ST.150 now includes the TrackMaster V.3 cartridge, which features high-output, low-cue burn and a four-coil pick up. These features make it perfect for any club or scratch performance, while its integrated design does not require a headshell. The Stanton STR8.150 will also now include the SM V.3 cartridge, which offers superior stereo imaging and the ability to align the cartridge on its included headshell. This alignment capability allows for improved tracking response.

“The new included cartridges offer a substantial upgrade to our bestselling professional turntables,” says Gus Jursch, General Manager of Gibson Pro Audio, a division of the Gibson Guitar Corporation. “The Stanton ST.150 and STR8.150 turntables continue to deliver the level of performance today’s DJs demand, and these new cartridge solutions will help to augment that further.”

Suitable for digital vinyl systems, traditional vinyl mixing, archiving and home audio use, the Stanton 150 series turntables have everything today’s DJs need, and more. The Stanton ST.150, with a standard S-shaped tone arm, and the Stanton STR8.150, fitted with a “skip-proof” straight tone arm, offer durable construction designed to minimize feedback, an industry-leading torque motor—up to 4.5 Kgf-cm—and an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. They also provide such professional-grade features as key correction, reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment and phono/line plus S/PDIF digital outputs.

Information on the Stanton TrackMaster V.3 and Stanton SM.V3 cartridges is available from the Stanton website now.

Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 Turntables
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Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 Turntables

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