V-Moda Limited Edition Crossfade LP2 Matte Black Metal Headphones

By | Posted November 21, 2011
Back in the summer, we brought you the full video review of the V-Moda V-80 on-the-ear headphones which were extremely durable and offered...
Back in the summer, we brought you the full video review of the V-Moda V-80 on-the-ear headphones which were extremely durable and offered great sound. Now V-Moda is offering the Crossfade LP2 in a limited edition Matte Black Metal version which is essentially, the over-the-ear versions of the V-80's. They offer interchangeable side shields which can be customized to make your headphones stand out from the others. These LP2's are the same popular DJ headphones as the original Crossfade LP's but with a list of upgrades. They can be found for about $200 right now, so act fast if you want a great set of headphones while supplies last. We're trying to secure a set for a full video review, so hang tight!

V-MODA Unveils Limited Edition Crossfade LP2 Matte Black Metal Headphones
Latest addition to the V-MODA arsenal boasts stylish minimal design, military-level durability, and advanced customization

Los Angeles – November 16, 2011 - V-MODA, the multi-platinum seller of the world’s finest headphones, unveils the latest in its “Live PlayTM” series – the over-ear Crossfade LP2 Metal Headphones. Fine-tuning the design and customization options of the now legendary Crossfade LP, the special edition Crossfade LP2 brings legendary DJ-approved acoustics, virtually indestructible military-grade durability and customization options out of the box.

“The original Crossfade LP has become number #1 headphone of choice for professional performers, DJs, celebrities, and sound-minded individuals by virtue of its tank-like durability, live sound and variety of finishes” says Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO and DJ.  “LP2 transports this philosophy to another dimension by removing virtually all of our own branding and focusing on what matters most – you.”
endorse yourselfTM

In a carbon copy world of “celebrity” headphones, V-MODA’s endorse yourselfTM customs program gives customers and performers the option of expressing themselves.  Users can choose from an array of over 12 colors of interchangeable ear shields that can also be professionally etched with their own artwork and logos, letters or numbers. V-MODA’s endorse yourselfTM program is also available to existing V-MODA Crossfade series customers.

Details of colors and options are at V-MODA.com/endorse-yourself

Live PlayTM Sound

A refinement to the critically acclaimed sound of the Crossfade LP, the heart of the Crossfade LP2’s Live PlayTM sound signature is its patent-pending and biggest-in-class 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers and V-PORT 3D staging. This innovative driver displacement is energy efficient yet can recreate the sound of multiple drivers with the quality and consistency of a single driver. The driver’s diaphragm is constructed of a harder inner ring for mids and highs and a soft outer ring dedicated to deep bass extension so you can actually feel the music, even with low powered sources.

V-MODA’s labs, over years of research, found that many headphones artificially spike the highs above 8kHz to make up for older recordings, hearing loss and for users who listen at lower volumes. The Crossfade LP2, is however, fine-tuned with a 31-band EQ, which plays a vital part in creating it’s unique Live PlayTM sound signature while protecting the ears from permanent hearing loss or damage.

Military-Grade Durability

The Crossfade LP2 is tested under strict MIL-STD-810G military testing and V-MODA’s even tougher VMQA guidelines, of which a few are listed below

  Kevlar® reinforced detachable cables and 45-degree plug strain relief can each bend over 1 million times, over 100x industry standards
  Survives 70+ drops on concrete from 6 feet, approximately 3x the industry standard
  Headband can bend 10+ times flat, not break and retain its memory and shape
  Virtually inaudible sound variances across the spectrum of less than 2dB from unit to unit versus 10-30dB+ of inferior products
  MIL-STD-810G environmental tests including high and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray and UV exposure

Essential Ergonomic Comfort

Replaceable supple memory foam ear cushions isolate noise and immerse you into your own world of sound. Relentless research went into the precise shape and materials of the headband and ear cushions, resulting in a tailored, fashionable fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ear. Although they deliver big sound, the Crossfade LP2 is extremely lightweight in design and perfect for hours of immersive listening.

trueHERTZTM – The Revelation of Headphones

Most headphone marketing simply does not tell the whole truth. Headphones often break too fast in and every unit sounds different due to quality control variance and individual fit. Upon this revelation over five years ago, V-MODA invested heavily on quality engineering and its own R&D labs to create a rugged product that provides the greatest sound for the greatest amount of people. Follow the trueHERTZ blog to learn more at http://v-moda.com/truehertz

Crossfade LP2 Features

  Stylish interchangeable shields (matte black installed and gunmetal colors included)
  Detachable Kevlar®-reinforced cables with 24k gold-plated plug
  One 3.5mm fabric cable with a 3-Button remote control optimized for Apple products including iPhone, iPad and MacBooks
  One 3.5mm fabric audio cable universally compatible with all audio, tablet and smartphone products with a 3.5mm port including Android, BlackBerry® and Windows Phone
  Hard exoskeleton carrying case, ensuring headphones are protected in style
  2-Year V-MODA Premier Warranty
  Immortal Life Program – 50% off lifetime discount to replace consumer-damaged headphones

The Crossfade LP2 is available today at V-MODA.com and select retailers worldwide including Amazon.com, Microsoft Store, Guitar Center, and Newegg for $199 including two sets of plates.  An additional set of color shields is $25 and can be customized with your own logo for $45.  For more information and a brief video demonstration, visit www.v-moda.com/lp2.

V-MODA is the maker of the finest professional quality and modern audiophile products. It’s products are distinguished by an extreme passion for music, materials, fashion-forward design and unparalleled quality. Led by professional DJ and Chief Visionary Officer, Val Kolton, V-MODA products blend the inspiration of Italian design, the essence of music, and the charisma of Hollywood. Together with design extraordinaire Joseph Bucknall, the world’s most influential producers, musicians and DJs, V-MODA is constantly challenging the norm and forging the remix revolution. For more information, please visit V-MODA?s website, V-MODA.com.

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