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By | Posted October 1, 2013
Serato DJ 1.5 has now been released.  This means that the era of Serato Scratch Live and Itch is coming to an end.  Last month...
Serato DJ 1.5 has now been released. This means that the era of Serato Scratch Live and Itch is coming to an end. Last month Serato announced that they would combine all of their Serato based DJ software into one software to rule them all which is known as the Serato DJ 1.5 release. The new release will now work with the new Pioneer DJM-900SRT, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SP1, and the Rane Sixty-Four. Of course all of the other Serato DJ controllers are also compatible with the new Serato DJ 1.5 and there's a few bug fixes and housekeeping addressed in this update as well.

Next Month the beta Serato DJ 1.6 will be released so that users of Rane SSL soundcards and Mixers will be able make the transition to the new software. I'll be sure to have a full video review of the latest Pioneer and Rane products as soon as I can get my hands on them...For now, check out the Serato Performance videos of the Pioneer DJM-900SRT/DDJ-SP1 and the Rane Sixty-Four mixers, then head to our press release below to download the newest Serato DJ 1.5 update today.

Pioneer DJM-900SRT/DDJ-SP1 Demo

Rane Sixty-Four Demo

What’s new in Serato DJ 1.5

Serato DJ 1.5 is now available! The biggest news is probably support for Serato Control Vinyl / CDJ control with the new Serato DJ DVS hardware but there’s a lot more supported in this release too, along with a couple of extra treats for everyone. As well as all this, there’s the usual dose of maintenance and fixes to ensure stability and performance.

Support for existing Rane hardware and the last three ITCH and Serato DJ Intro controllers is forthcoming.

Read on and take a look at what’s new in Serato DJ 1.5, available to download now.

Feature updates

Brand new to Serato DJ is support for DVS technology. With the Rane Sixty-Four & Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixers, you can now use Serato DJ in conjunction with turntables & CDJs. If you’re coming from Scratch Live, you’ll find the familiar control modes, Absolute, Relative and Internal.

We received a lot of user feedback about the played track colour in Serato DJ. Some of you loved it, some of you hated it. We’ve added a new option in the setup screen now so you can choose the current grey, or a hot neon blue colour to see what’s played in your library.

You can now use Simple Sync and have the added option to snap to Beatgrids. This is great if you want to use the advanced features of Serato DJ such as the Slicer.

New hardware supporting DVS in Serato DJ:
- Rane Sixty-Four
- Pioneer DJM-900SRT

New all-in-one DJ controllers supported in Serato DJ:
- Numark NS7 II
- Pioneer DDJ-SR

New Serato DJ Official Serato Accessories
- Pioneer DDJ-SP1
- Pioneer CDJ-2000
- Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus
- Novation Dicers

Serato DJ 1.5 Release Notes
New Software Features

For Vinyl & CDJs

  Serato NoiseMap™ Digital Vinyl System Added
  Absolute, Relative and Internal modes added
  CD/Vinyl Mode Setup tab including Vinyl Control, Vinyl Start Offset and Needle Dropping Options
  Calibration Scope Views for CD/Vinyl calibration
  Deck Setup configuration area for Pioneer DJM-900SRT
  Temp Cue functionality in DVS mode sets cue when platter is stopped and jumps to cue when playing
  Emergency Internal Mode; When you reach the end of the record using either REL or ABS modes, Serato DJ automatically switches to INT mode
  Safety Internal Mode; Control + Click the INT Mode button to switch to Safety Internal mode which will reset the tempo to zero, enable forward playback and disable sync
  USB insert allows you to use the DJ-FX as post fader effects for the Rane Sixty-Four

For both Vinyl & CDJs and DJ Controllers

  Virtual deck headers have been standardized across Horizontal and Vertical display modes in both 2 Deck and 4 Deck modes
  Introduced scrollable cue and loop containers
  Sync Off and Snap to Beatgrid for Simple Sync options
  Played Track Color blue/grey options
  The cue point trigger button and cue point color button on the GUI have been merged. Control + Click the cue point trigger button to modify the cue point color. The cue point numbers have also been removed
  Audio buffer size in DJ matches the value set in the ASIO control panel (for ASIO devices only)

Bug Fixes

  Removed monitor (ch1/ch2) crossfader start on Numark NS7
  Fixed touch strip on Numark NS7 so it can swipe to the first beat
  Fixed fader start initialization problem on Numark NS7
  Fixed initilization on Vestax VCI-380
  Cleaned up vinyl button functions on Vestax VCI-400
  Fix Twitch Channel/Master Level LED
  Fixed stored loops lighting on Novation TWITCH
  Fix Vestax VCI-300 LED’s so they show channel level with PFL is enabled

Other Changes

  Mapped Loop Shift L/R to Shift Switch on Numark Mixdeck
  Added Loop Roll to the Numark NS6 & Numark NS7
  Mapped Pitch Range on the Vestax VCI-400
  Added Shift + Back button on the Numark MixDeck to do Library Navigation Forward

Download Links

Serato DJ 1.5.0 Mac OS X installer
  Serato DJ 1.5.0 Windows installer

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