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By | Posted September 4, 2013
Serato has just made a huge announcement.  The new Serato DJ 1.5.0 software update is now upon us and with it comes digital Vinyl and...
Serato has just made a huge announcement. The new Serato DJ 1.5.0 software update is now upon us and with it comes digital Vinyl and CDJ control. Serato DJ 1.5.0 will immediately work perfectly with the newly announced Rane Sixty-Four mixer, Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixer, and the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 sub-controller when they are released in October, with all of the SSL soundcards and Rane/Serato certified mixers following suit in November with the release of the Serato DJ 1.6.0 beta.

The big story here is of course the ending of Serato Scratch Live and the birth of Serato DJ 1.5.0 with Digital Vinyl System control. Everyone speculated that Serato would soon combine all of their DJ controller and DVS software into one bundle similar to the Traktor DJ model and the light is now clearly at the end of the tunnel. First, check out the video below for a quick explanation from the Serato CEO himself...

Now that both the SSL and Serato DJ software will combine to form the full Serato DJ software, everyone can take advantage of all the advanced features that are already found on the DDJ-SX controller such as slip mode, loop slicer, loop roll, and more. Imagine being able to scratch it up in the timecode vinyl decks while in slip mode, only for the track to continue where it left off as soon as you let the record play. That's going to be a lot of fun! Not only will all users take advantage of the new playback features, but they will also be able to access the new FX Packs that allow DJ's to purchase additional effects to suit their style of play.

The SSL software will still be supported by Serato until 2015, so there is no rush to convert just yet until you are comfortable. Remember that the only people who will be able to take advantage of the new Serato DJ 1.5.0 update will be the users of the new Rane Sixty-Four, Pioneer DJM-900SRT, and Pioneer DDJ-SP1 when they are released in October. All other SSL users including the Rane Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, SL2, SL3, and SL4 can update to Serato DJ 1.5.0 in November when the beta software is released. The SL1 and TTM-57 will not be supported in the new Serato DJ 1.5.0 update...

The new software layout in 1.5.0 looks like a good mixture of both past SSL and Serato DJ iterations. Everything looks cleaner on the screen and waveforms look more crisp. The BPM readout is larger, and the layout is more streamlined for the new controls. There are now eight hotcue points instead of five and DJ's can now use the Sync feature for beatmatching while using DVS vinyl and CD's.

We'll have a review of the new mixers and the new software update as soon as we get our hands on it, so stay tuned for the latest...For more information, check out the Serato DJ website below.

Serato Scratch Live users! What’s in Serato DJ 1.5.0 for you?

The announcement of Serato Control Vinyl/CDJ control forthcoming in Serato DJ 1.5 for the new Rane and Pioneer devices isn’t just exciting for anyone thinking about purchasing these mixers but also for our beloved Scratch Live community, with support also on the way for existing Scratch Live hardware in early 2014!

This October, Serato DJ 1.5 will be released, supporting the Pioneer DJM-900SRT and Rane Sixty-Four, the first devices in Serato DJ to support vinyl emulation technology (DVS). For our trusty SL 2, SL 3, SL 4, Sixty-One, Sixty-Two and Sixty-Eight users, Serato DJ support is also on it’s way and will be available early 2014. Your first taste will be a public beta period prior to the release, where you can test it out at home and get used to the new platform before support is officially released.

So… What’s in Serato DJ that you can look forward to? What’s different? Why even bother? Take a look at this short list of what you’re in for, and for current Serato DJ users, here’s a couple of new things available to everyone in 1.5.

Virtual Deck Area

Serato DJ has an improved and updated Virtual Deck area, a lot of which will be familiar to Scratch Live users. See your tracks relative BPM directly on the deck, access play modes easily and scroll through your Cue points and Saved Loops.

iZotope FX & Expansion Packs

The software FX in Serato DJ are vastly improved. Choose from up to 10 standard FX, developed in partnership with industry leading FX developers, iZotope. As well as the standard offering, you can unlock our new FX Expansion Packs within the software. Unlock the Wolf Pack for free, a classic pack of basic effects and standards from other Serato products and pay $ USD19 to unlock the Back Pack, a dub pack of analog & old‑school effects. There’s more to come in the future too!

You can use the new FX in two modes. Single FX mode, allows you to control one effect per unit and control a range of parameters, Multi-FX mode, gives you control of 3 separate, chained FX per unit, with simple but powerful control.


Simple Sync is here for DJs that want to use it with Control Vinyl/CDs. If it’s not your thing just disable it and never see it again :) Hit Sync to match the tempo and beats of your tracks. In Serato DJ 1.5 there’s also a “snap to Beatgrids” option for using Beatgrids in Simple Sync mode so you can use features such as the Slicer - this option is also available for all controllers.

Slip Mode 

Brand new for users coming to Serato DJ from Scratch Live. Slip Mode works in a similar way to Loop Roll. Engage Slip Mode and scratch, trigger cues and engage loops. Stop scratching or disengage the loop and the playhead will jump back to where it would have been - allowing you to always be on beat.

More Cues, More Loops 

Use up to 8 Cue Points and save up to 8 Loops in Serato DJ!

Two SP-6 Sample Player Modes

The SP-6 Sample Player will be familiar from Scratch Live but now has two different modes in Serato DJ. Choose from either an advanced mode, great for preparing or complex control and a simplified mode, perfect for performance.

Library Management

The Serato library is cross-platform - your Scratch Live crates and songs will show up automatically in Serato DJ. The classic Serato library management features such as iTunes library compatibility, Prepare and History are still there as well as support for Whitelabel.net files.

We had a lot of feedback on the “played track” color in Serato DJ and are happy to say in this release we’ve added a new bright blue color option in the setup screen. So bright, so nice.

The Serato Remote is also compatible with Serato DJ.
Serato Video Support

Serato DJ 1.5.0: Pioneer & Rane New Devices!
This October, we are releasing Serato DJ 1.5 and supporting some brand new hardware from Pioneer and Rane. Two mixers (Pioneer DJM-900SRT / Rane Sixty-Four) with Serato Control Vinyl / CD support (DVS) are being integrated as well as a new sub-controller (Pioneer DDJ-SP1) - a really powerful little device. Read more about these new pieces of kit below. If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments!

Rane Sixty-Four for Serato DJ

Available this October, the Rane Sixty-Four will be the first Rane mixer to support Serato DJ and Serato NoiseMap™ Vinyl/CD control outside of Scratch Live. A four channel, professional club mixer, one of the crowning features it shares with it’s closest relative, the Rane Sixty-Two, is dual USB ports for effortless DJ changeover and back to back sets at the flick of a switch. It’s completely plug-and-play out of the box and built to Rane’s very high standards of quality and performance.

There are controls to slam your cues, engage your Auto-Loops and also trigger Loop Rolls. Two features that will be new to the Scratch Live users moving up to Serato DJ are Sync and Slip mode, both of these new tricks can be controlled on board this powerful mixer. The SP-6 Sample Player can also be controlled using the hardware controls on the Sixty-Four and with Sync, becomes even more powerful.

As well as the natively mapped controls, there are two custom MIDI layers you can access to set up the mixer how you like or map Serato DJ controls that aren’t already available.

Powerful hardware FX (Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Robot, Reverb), that Sixty-Two owners will be familiar with, individual channel filters and a USB insert to take advantage of the Serato DJ, iZotope software FX, post fader. This is a powerful feature, allowing you to use new FX such as Tape Echo and Epic Reverb, and maintain the tail of the audio when the fader is brought down, just like the hardware FX. There’s also a Flex FX send for any hardware FX pedals or units you might want to connect.

Serato Video users will be happy to know that the Sixty-Four is pre-mapped. The faders and EQs are all natively linked.

In terms of the hardware, the Sixty-Four has a high quality, 32bit floating point, 48kHz sound card for excellent sound output quality and crispy recording. Low latency Core Audio/ASIO drivers are also provided for use with any third party audio applications you might use.

Pioneer DJM-900SRT for Serato DJ

Pioneer’s very first mixer to support Serato NoiseMap™ Vinyl/CD control in Serato DJ, the DJM-900SRT is an exciting piece of hardware! Completely integrated with Serato DJ, the connection is extremely simple and accessible via USB on top of the mixer as well as a USB connection and USB input indicator to easily know what’s going on.

Most of the features DJs know and love from the Pioneer DJM series mixers have been brought across. Colour FX for each channel and the signature Pioneer Beat FX with X-Pad control, that can now be synced to the tempo of your tracks in Serato DJ.

A four channel mixer, you can mix with four decks in Serato DJ with Fader Start and 3 band EQ on each channel that’s switchable between +6dB to -26dB and +6dB to -∞dB.

MIDI mappable, so you can map Serato DJ functions to your hardware.

The Pioneer DJM-900SRT comes with very high quality input/output circuits. A 32bit A/D converter and DSP that suppresses digital noise as well as balanced hybrid operation amps and output circuits to reduce analogue noise.

Pioneer DDJ-SP1 add-on controller for Serato DJ

A completely new add-on controller, the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 is a powerful and portable companion to your primary Serato DJ setup.

For current Serato DJ users with simple controllers lacking in hardware controls, and new users looking to move to Serato DJ with either one of the two new mixers or a current Rane Scratch Live device (when supported), this controller gives you access to so much more.

Natively mapped to control all the exciting performance features of Serato DJ such as Hot Cues, Loop Roll, Slicer, SP-6 Sample Player, Auto-Loop, Manual-Loop, Velocity Mode for the SP-6, Slip Mode, Sync and also Hot Loop - a brand new performance feature, exclusive to the DDJ-SP1.

Hot Loop triggers an Auto-Loop when you hit one of your 8 cue points. A great feature to creatively jump around in your track.

There are also perfectly matched controls for the Serato DJ FX, powered by iZotope. Select, load and control your FX in both Single FX and Multi FX mode.

Each FX unit can be switched to be dedicated Serato Video FX controls as well!

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