Beamz C4BSB DJ Player Controller Review

By | Posted October 17, 2011


Check out our full written review of the new Laser Interactive DJ MIDI controller called the Beamz C4BSB.  This new innovative controller uses beams of light to trigger loops, cue points, samples and just about anything else that is MIDI mappable within your favorite DJ Software.  Our resident DJ Gear Reviewer Jeremiah put the new Beamz laser system controller to the test and you don’t want to miss the results.  Full Written Review after the jump.

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Staff Review

Beamz C4BSB DJ Controller Review
By: Jeremiah Pagano

The Beamz is a midi controller which uses lasers to control effects, clip launching, and anything else your mind can come up with. If you can midi map it…it can play it.

First Impressions:
The First thing I noticed is that this controller is a lot bigger than I expected, but despite it’s size it has an extremely lightweight plastic construction, which brings durability into question.

In my case I used the Beamz in addition to my Native Instruments Kontrol S4 and the set up was decently simple. Although, for someone that is new or doesn’t know how to custom midi map controllers in Traktor or any DJ software, the set-up could be very daunting because of the lack of a company supported .tsi file. Once you get the controller mapped it works seamlessly with any digital DJ'ing set up.

The features that really set this device apart from other controllers is the concept itself. The idea of using lasers as replacements for buttons and knobs is quite innovative; every time I use it I think of a 007 type super spy but instead of dancing around the lasers tying not to set off an alarm I’m sticking my hands through them to execute a perfect bass drop.

Conclusion (Recommended For):
Overall, the Beamz is an extremely innovative product. I would recommend this controller to mobile DJs and those that are looking for a fun way to DJ. I would not recommend it to club DJs because of its size I am not sure how many booths it would be able to fit in. Ultimately, it allows for more showmanship during sets by letting the DJ fist pump with a purpose. Although some may call it gimmicky, I am proud to see a company trying to push our passion further into the future.

Low latency
Ability to map it in almost any way you can think of
Fun to play with

Price ($299.95)
Lack of company supported midi mapping
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Features & Specs

Model C4-BSB
Series C4
Effects Available Yes
Computer Interface USB
System Compatibility Mac and Windows
Audio Connections Controlled and powered by host computer
System Requirements Host computer with 1.3GHZ processor, 2GB RAM, 5GB available HDD space, must connect via USB directly into host computer (cannot use USB hubs)
Power Requirements powered by USB via host computer
Number of MIDI Ports 6
Software Compatibility Windows
Other Features *MIDI mapping capability to 4 laser beams & 2 buttons
Product Weight 4.25 lbs
Dimensions 13" x 25" x 7.5"

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