Cortex HDTT-5000 Media Controller Review

By | Posted January 15, 2008


The Cortex HDTT-5000 is the world’s first USB-compatible Digital Music Turntable Controller!

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Features & Specs

Standard Features:

* Intelligent Music Database Management - The HDTT-5000s database management system allows the user to search through a massive library of music within seconds.
* PC-Based Database Creation - Create database files at a gig via the HDTT unit or the PC application (downloadable from the Cortex website) on a home computer with lightning fast speed.
* Waveform Display Mode - Via the Cortex database software, available FREE from the Cortex website, HDC-1000 users will be able to create a waveform of each song on their USB storage device which can then be optionally selected to be displayed on the HDTT-5000s LCD screen.
* Keyboard Support - Quickly find that hot new track in a massive library of music with just a few taps of a USB-compatible keyboard.
* File Explorer Mode - Perfect for DJs that have their own organizational system already in place. Browse through files and directories exactly as they exist on the storage device.
* Search Options - Users can search the same way that they would using an iPod ? or similar portable music player through a number of browsing options, including Search by Artist, Song Title, Album, and Genre.
* String Search - Easily search by a certain word or phrase to find tracks, even if youre unsure of the name. When the user inputs a keyword, it will search all Artists, Titles, Albums, and Genres, and show how many of each that it found.
* CD/DVD Audio and Data Playback - No need to abandon your CD collection, the HDTT-5000 can play user-created CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and audio CDs with any compatible USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
* Variable Pitch Slider (+/- 4, 8, 16, 24%) and Ultra-precise Pitch Control - Precisely adjust the tempo of your mixes with a wide range of pitch options and ultra precise pitch in increments of 0.05% (in 4 and 8 pitch mode).
* Performance Protection - Every Cortex HDTT unit features exclusive protection from accidental shutdown while playing. Simply press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds to turn the unit off.
* Firmware Upgradeable - Easily download new internal software from the Cortex website.
* VBR & CBR File Support - The HDTT-5000 can play all your MP3s; CBR or VBR at any bitrate up to 320kbps.
* Multi-language Support - The HDTT-5000 supports multiple languages including English, French, and Spanish.
* Ultra-fast Instant Start - From Cue to Start, get into the mix with no delay.

Enhanced Features:

* Efficient Sampling - Samples can be set and stored in any of 4 banks with the simple touch of a button. Samples can be trimmed and edited with the graphical user interface, and the samples pitch can be altered.
* DSP Effects - The effects module gives the user an array of 12 effects (including Filter, Flanger, Echo, Delay, Auto-Pan and more) to choose from as well as truly comprehensive parameter setting capabilities. The HDTT-5000 allows users to edit EACH parameter in real time offering a more in-depth ability to modify the sound while still preserving the simplicity of the preset.
* Comprehensive Realtime Looping - Up to 4 loops can be programmed with a loop-editing feature that allows points to be imported from saved hot cue points. Unlike a traditional CD player, the loops can be edited easily using the HDTT-5000s graphical user interface, which allows the loop to be trimmed until it sounds perfect. Loops may be beat synced as well - user has option of selecting 1/2/4/8/16 beat loops, as well as user-selectable time frames.
* Cue Point Management - Cue points can be set like a normal CD player, so that the DJ can return to a certain time in the track just by pressing a button. The HDTT-5000 unit allows for 4 hot cue points, allowing the user to advance to a certain point in a song without any pause in playback, and can be used along with loops for live remixing.
* Main Playback Screen - The backlit graphical LCD playback screens display info on any track in the catalog, showing everything from the essentials such as artist, track title, pitch, time elapsed/remaining to detailed information including file format (MP3or WAV), genre, and track length. Additionally, the HDTT-5000 offers a waveform view, which helps the club DJ ?see? where the beat comes in, and at what point to segue into the next track playing.
* Touch-Sensitive Digital Turntable Platter - Get the sound and feel of vinyl while preserving the convenience of digital formats. The HDTT-5000s large Touch Sensitive platter allows you to cue or scratch your track while rotating the wheel in either direction.
* Auto-BPM Counter - Automatically track your songs beats per minute.
* Master Tempo - Master Tempo locks in the pitch of the track, even when you change the speed up or down, ensuring no noticeable difference in how the vocals or instruments sound.
* Key Adjust - Key adjust allows users to adjust the key of a track without changing speed
* Instant Reverse - Instant Reverse is controlled by merely pressing a button on the face of the HDTT unit with no loss of tempo or pitch.
* Master/Slave Link - Easily link two Cortex HDTT units together to access one USB compatible storage device for dual turntable performance.
* Playlist Editing - The playlist editor allows users to save, load, and edit their own playlists. This is advantageous for unattended playback, or for mobile entertainers who have certain playlists in place for standard events.
* Storage Device Selection - Take that new digital promo or just-finished song from your iPod or USB memory flash drive and play it tonight! With 5 USB ports (and support for a total of up to 4 devices, 1 per port or 4 to a USB hub), the HDTTs device selection option allows users to connect and recognize multiple storage devices, offering the flexibility to access a variety of separate music databases simultaneously.


* Frequency Response: 20Hz ? 20kHz
* Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB
* THD: less than 0.01%
* Power Requirements: AC 120V/60Hz (US) - AC 230-240V/50Hz (Europe)
* Power Consumption: 30W
* Operating Temperature: +5? C - +35? C
* Operating Humidity: 5% ? 90%
* Size: 3.25" H x 14.25" L x 12.25" W
* Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
* File Format Support: FAT 32, HFS+ (iPod), NTFS (read only)
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