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The Denon DN-S5000 has many features that set it apart from its competitors.  The most notable being its rotating platter and its ability to play two songs from the same CD!  Overall the DN-S5000 comes at a great price and offers enough features to satisfy any DJ.

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The Denon DN-S5000 CD Turntable has some very impressive features distinguish it from other cd turntables.  For example, the Platter not only enables real time scratching, but is motorized and spins at 45 RPM.  By placing a record-like plastic disc on top (included), it gives the illusion of actually using a turntable and record, which is sure to please die-hard vinyl fans.  Another great feature of the Denon DN-S5000 CD Turntable is the ability to play two songs from the same CD!  This means you can mix with only one DN-S5000, sending one song to each of the two included outputs!  In addition to this, you also get the Hot Disc function which allows you to keep playing a song for 35 seconds after you eject the disk.  This will leave you time to cue up the next track. The DN-S5000 is also features MP3 playback with a free downloadable upgrade on Denon's website.  Lastly, the S5000 has 2 samplers (about 15 seconds recording time each), key correction, +/-4 to +/-100% pitch control, and a memory that can store seamless loop info, cue points and pitch preference for over 5000 tracks.

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Features & Specs

  • Alpha Track (2 in 1) allows independent and simultaneous playback of another track from the same disc, mix tracks
    with one drive instead of 2
  • Hot Disc lets you eject a disc during play and have it continue for another 35 seconds, you can also loop within the Hot Disc memory
  • 3-Way Scratch lets you apply scratch effects by selecting Main, Alpha or Sampler Track as the source
  • Mirror Mix lets you select the same track in Main and Alpha Track and play it after a specified time delay
  • Clear Scratch Disk allows you create your own custom slip mat designs
  • 2 DN-S5000 units can be connected to a DN-X800 via the X-Effect ports and operated by the faders
  • 2 DN-S5000 units can view each other's Memo data (when connected via the X-Effect In and Out ports)
  • Relay Play, Program Relay Play, Random Relay Play are possible when 2 DN-S5000 units are connected together
  • Independent Digital Outputs (Coaxial, SPDIF) for Main and Alpha Track. Constant Digital Output; output at 44.1 kHz is
    possible even when Playback Speed is changed. With digital connection all effects can be output
  • Dedicated Alpha Track Fader Start port
  • Manual input of BPM values (*AUTO BPM and Manual TAP are also possible)
  • Switchable display of Main and Alpha Track times
  • 100 mm long Slider for Playback Speed Control
  • 4 Hot Starts - a total of 4 Hot Start sounds can be played: Start Point A1, A2, A3, and A4
  • 4 Seamless Loops can be made
  • A-B Splice removes unwanted sections of a track seamlessly (2 points per track)
  • A-B Trim/Move - The A & B points for the seamless loop, sampler loop, and splice points can easily be adjusted
    using the Scratch Disc
  • 6 Stutter Cue Play Points
  • 2 Samplers (approx 15 sec. in 20Hz - 20 kHz, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz quality)
  • Recessed Connecting Terminals on the back panel to avoid damage
  • Memo Function - 5,000 Loops and Cue's can be stored internally. This data can also be copied to another DN-S5000, and
    Memo from a DN-D9000 or DN-2600F can also be copied to a DN-S5000
  • Instant Start (0.2 sec)
  • CD-R/RW Disc Playback
  • Program/Random Play - program up to 25 tracks on a CD for playback and the programs for up to 6 discs can be stored
    in memory, Random Play of CDs loaded in both drives is also possible
  • Pitch Control; +/- 4%, 10%, 16%, 24%, 100%
  • Shock Proof Memory - Main 16 seconds, Alpha Track 16 seconds

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