Denon DN-X1700 Mixer

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The DN-X1700 represents an important achievement market driven professional digital mixer that is best in its class.

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Features & Specs


* 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer with Studio Quality Components & Specifications
* Worlds First Professional DJ Mixer w/32-Bit DAC Output
* 24 bit 96kHz USB2.0 Audio Interface (Soundcard) 4in/4out (stereo)
* PC/MAC Compatible
* Low latency ASIO driver for PC included
* USB MIDI In/Out and 5-pin MIDI Out
* MIDI mapping for various software is available
* Dual Layer Control Available – MIDI / Normal Audio
* 2 Independent Effectors w/12 Effects available for each Delay, Echo, Trans, Flanger, Filter, Phaser, Reverb, Loop, Rev. Loop, Pitch Shift, BeatBreaker, Send/Return
* 2-way EFX Parameter Filter (LPF/HPF)
* Independent EFX 1 & 2 Insert for, Channel, Mic, & Master
* Matrix Input Assignment for Line/Phono and selectable USB Audio, Digital Input
* Discrete FET Phono Preamp Stage (4 phono inputs)
* Discrete Mic Circuit w/studio mixer quality specs
* Discrete high powered Headphone Amp w/studio mixer quality specs
* 45mm Cross Fader (Flex Fader) w/tension adjust & A/B cut position preset
* 60mm CP Studio quality Alps K-Type Channel Fader
* Fader Contour control for Channel and Cross Fader
* Fader Start function (channel/cross fader)
* Cross Fader assignment function: (A, B, Thru)
* Independent 3-Band Isolator EQ w/Kills (High-Mid-Low)
* 3.5 inch TFT Color Display w/animated easy navigation
* 4 Digital Inputs (coaxial)
* Selectable Digital Output (44.1/48/96kHz)
* Balanced/Unbalanced Master Output
* Balanced Booth Output
* 2 Mic Input w/Ducking level control
* Send/Return for external effectors
* Extensive Utility Menu to customize user settings
* Preset Import/Export Function by USB memory device (take your settings to another X1700 mixer)
* High Resolution 24 Segment Output Peak Meters
* Dual Power Transformer construction for best possible specs (Digital/Analog sections)
* Output Limiter function w/adjustable threshold (great for Club installers)

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