Ecler HAK 380

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ECLER has launched an all new HAK 380! Designed to be the ULTIMATE scratch mixer, the HAK 380 has many advantages over the HAK 360.

Staff Review

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Features & Specs

• Ultra resistant selective anodized serigraphy
• Black aluminium face plate
• New ergonomic knobs
• Scratch Cue mode
• EQ vertically displayed for an easier manipulation
• EQ OFF switch
• FX return PFL
• FX DRY/WET crossfader
• Double crossfader shape adjustment
• Double cut in time adjustment
• Headphones mute switch
• Headphones mini jack connection
• New phono grounds
• Output mono L+R switch
• Output 1 +6dB level switch
• Triple output1 connections: XLR, RCA and 1/4" Jack

"The Scratch Cue is a smart microprocessor driven feature that allows performing with the crossfader in your headphones before doing it live. Therefore you can practice scratch and adjusting crossfader shapes and cut in on the headphones. (This feature was copied from the Vestax PMC-007)

To activate this feature you press Scratch Cue and go to one of the extremes of the crossfader. The crossfader is then bypassed: you hear it in your headphones but the signal doesn't go to the Master Out. The smart crossfader is driven by a microprocessor that memorizes the extreme of the crossfader where you activated this feature and won't deactivate it until you reach it back (all the process is assisted by a led flashing green, amber or red). This way we make sure that the crossfader goes back to normal mode in the same physical position and avoid the other channel signal fade in suddenly if we leave the crossfader in the middle by mistake.

• This is additional to the HAK-360 - not a replacement.
• Yhe line fader curves have been fixed. Better sound and quality.
• The Eternal fader is unchanged but has a new microprocessor driving it.
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