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The Legendary guitar amp company Marshall revisits the drawing board for their headphone lineup and delivered a high quality headphone that is sure to please every day music enthusiasts as well as delivering on many features that DJ’s need.  They’ve come up with their new premier model of headphones called the Marshall Monitor which sports a set of heavy-duty-metal folding hinges, over-the-ear 40mm driver design, and an additional headphone input port on both earcups to share the music with a friend.  Check out my Full HD-Video and Written review after the jump.

Staff Review

Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The Legendary guitar amp company Marshall revisits the drawing board for their headphone lineup and delivered a high quality headphone that is sure to please every day music enthusiasts as well as delivering on many features that DJ’s need. It is almost as if the Marshall team read my review of their Marshall Major Headphones (Found Here); and made all the changes that DJ’s such as myself would happily welcome. They’ve come up with their new premier model of headphones called the Marshall Monitor which has a set of heavy-duty-metal folding hinges, over-the-ear 40mm driver design, and an additional headphone input port on both earcups to share the music with a friend.

In the Box:

-Removable Coiled 3ft Cable (With Mic and One-Button)
-Touch Canvas Carry Pouch
-Marshall Monitor Headphones

Unboxing Video



The New Marshall Monitor headphones sport a very professional and heavy-duty design all around. The Marshall Monitors come in an all-black color scheme with the recognizable “Marshall” Logo written across each earcup in white. On the inside headband of the headphones each earcup has a metal gold-plated R or L plate to distinguish the earcup side. Overall the looks are different but very practical and all of the materials used are top-quality.

The Marshall Monitor headphones are mostly made out of metal with plastic (but rubber coated) earcups to save on weight. The Monitor’s have a nice weight to them to let you know they can stand some abuse, but they aren’t overly heavy to where you think it will bog your head down over time. At the top, the padding on the headband is about an inch thick and provides good cushion for long DJ performances or extended every day usage. The top of the Headband can bend and twist without breaking or cracking. The headband is all leather, with a softer material underneath and a “scaled-looking” leather on the outside of the headband. Underneath the leather and down the actual sides that connect to the earcups (a common point of headphone failure) are all metal and built to last. The black metal horse-shoe-shaped brackets that connects the earcups to the headband each has a folding metal hinge that allows each earcup to fold neatly into the headband for easy storage and transport. It’s really great to see that this folding hinge is all-metal for durability as all DJ’s know this is usually the first thing to break and is a common point of failure.

The earcups on the Marshall Monitors sport over-the-ear style 40mm drivers which were big enough to cover my whole ears very comfortably. Usually 40mm drivers won’t fit over my ears, but the Marshall Monitors have an oval and oblong type construction that provided good isolation which prevented outside sounds from interfering with my monitoring or listening needs. The soft leather earpads are very comfortable and they can also be easily removed because they are attached to a metal/magnetic earpad-base that hold them in place. I’m not sure if Marshall has decided to sell the Monitor earpads by themselves as replacements, but there is no indication of such on their website at this time. The earpads can be removed to expose a new F.T.F (fabric) insert that changes the sound signature of the headphones all together. With the F.T.F insert in, the sound is laid back and warm; however, with the F.T.F insert removed the highs are a bit more aggressive. The earpads were extremely comfortable throughout long periods of DJ use and while watching movies on my laptop. We tested these headphones on various DJ Controllers and Mixers and the monitoring volume of the Monitor headphones was very loud.

The Marshall Monitor headphones come with a coiled 3ft cable that can stretch up to about 9ft in full length. The cable has gold-plated and textured connectors on each end that ensure good sound and a good grip when connecting and disconnecting from devices. The cable also has a one-button remote and Microphone built-in for smartphone usage and one-touch dialing.

One of the cool new features of the Marshall Monitors is the ability to connect additional headphones to them to share the music or listening experience with another set of headphones. At the bottom of each earcup there is an 1/8th-inch output connector so that users have a choice of which earcup they want to plug in their audio source and they can also now daisy-chain additional headphones to the free/open 1/8th-inch port to share the sound. This is a really cool feature that will allow DJ’s to share the monitoring experience during performances or for casual users to share whatever they are listening to with a nearby friend. During our tests of this feature, we found that the sound was still very good and it was also surprisingly loud in both sets of headphones at the same time.
Marshall Major Unboxing Video

Sound Quality

The Sound quality of the Marshall Monitor Professional headphones is terrific. The Marshall Monitor headphones are a definite and worthy upgrade to the Marshall Major headphones in terms of sound. The Marshall Monitors have very deep bass that booms and resonates within the headphones under heavy bass conditions. This is very good for most DJ’s since its easier to monitor when the bass is booming. The highs and mids are still very, very clear and crisp with a good balance between the entire EQ range. The earcups have 40mm custom-made dynamic drivers that hold the accurate sound reproduction with good volume levels for the lows, mids, and highs. Even though the bass is heavier on the Marshall Monitors, none of the bass drowns out the highs or the mids, even at the higher volumes.

The 40mm custom dynamic drivers were more than adequate enough to produce very loud sound without distortion or feedback. Even at super-high volumes, distortion was still tamed and tolerable throughout our stress test. They deliver superb sound all around and they sound crisp and clear.

Conclusion / Recommended For

The Marshall Monitor headphones takes the best features from the Marshall Major headphones and improves on them which also makes them even better for DJ’s and Performers. The Marshall Monitors have a Durable and (mostly) Metal construction with the new metal hinge design for easy transport and storage. The Marshall Monitors are lightweight and comfortable while providing terrific sound with good sound isolation and low leakage so the sound stays in between the earcups. The Marshall Monitors also have dual inputs so users can daisy-chain additional headphones to share the music and they come with a coiled heavy-duty cable for smartphone and professional gear use.

The only minor gripes that I could find with the Marshall Monitor headphones is that they don’t come with a quarter-inch adapter and they don’t have the 360-degree swivel-point for the earcups that some DJ’s use for their monitoring style. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed a quarter-inch adapter but some DJ equipment still requires this for headphone connectivity, so its worth mentioning that the Marshall Monitors does not include this tiny piece. The headphones also don’t swivel for one earcup on and one earcup off playback, but this will only pertain to certain DJ’s who must-have this feature.

Minor shortcomings aside, I am going to recommend the new Marshall Monitor Professional Headphones to any DJ or performer who wants a heavy-duty set of headphones with a good bass-heavy monitoring experience that can be use for both DJ performances in a loud DJ booth and general all-around listening needs on any type of device. The Marshall Monitors will now have a place in my personal headphone collection and you too should put these on the short list of Professional headphones for DJ’s if you are in the market for a new set.

Pros & Cons


  • Mostly Metal Construction Built to Last
  • Metal Hinge design for Easy Transport & Storage
  • Dual Inputs to Daisy-Chain Additional Headphones
  • Lightweight and Comfortable for extended use
  • Terrific Sound Quality (Heavy Bass) with Good Sound Isolation
  • Detachable/Replaceable Coiled Cable


  • No 360-degree Swivel point
  • No ¼-inch Adapter

Features & Specs

Monitor is completely collapsible for easy transport and storage.

Over-Ear Construction
The Monitor’s slender over-ear construction completely covers your ears, meaning nothing gets in to distract you from your music.

Carrying Pouch
When you are done using your Monitor, fold them down and stow them away in their canvas carrying case, embossed with a script Marshall logo.

Monitor features classic Marshall detailing such as vinyl leather, brass hinges and a white script logo.

Detachable Cable
The double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is completely detachable so you can decide which side you prefer to wear it. Use the empty 3.5mm socket to share your music with someone else.

Mic & Remote

The Monitor’s mic and remote allows you to pick up calls while listening to your music.

Studio Sound
Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs, and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers cover the whole frequency range audible to the human ear, and even at high playback levels, the sound is punchy, dynamic and clear. The Monitor also comes with the F.T.F System, allowing you to customize your sound.

F.T.F. System
Sound is personal. Monitor lets you choose your own sound experience thanks to the F.T.F System. Monitor comes preloaded with an F.T.F. insert behind the removable ear cushion.
Keep it in for a sound that’s laidback and warm. To really hear those screaming highs, remove the magnetic ear cushion and take the F.T.F. insert out.
The sound you’ll experience will be brighter and clearer. How you like it is up to you.

Technical Specification
TRANSDUCER Custom made 40mm dynamic driver
WBCV 113mV
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