Numark HDMIX Media Controller Review

By | Posted April 7, 2010


The Numark HDMIX is a complete DJ setup in a single unit that can play and mix music from a variety of different sources including an included internal hard drive.  The unit features a fully-functional three-channel mixer and LCD screen command center.

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Staff Review

The Numark HDMIX is a complete DJ setup in a single unit that can play and mix music from a variety of different sources including an included internal hard drive. The unit features a fully-functional three-channel mixer and LCD screen command center. Essentially all you need is a set of speakers to hook it up to and you are ready to mix.

First Impressions:
The HDMIX is surprisingly small and light for whats its capable of, coming in at only 19 inches wide and weighing less than 20 pounds. Considering this unit could replace 2 decks, a mixer, and a laptop, a mobile DJ could cut the amount of weight he/she carries to a gig in half or more. Even though the unit itself isn't very heavy, the Numark HDMIX feels durable as the outer casing is made of steel. The most eye catching piece is the high definition, full-color LCD screen in the middle of the unit.

Included in the box are the following:
- The HDMIX main unit
- Power Supply
- Instruction Manuals
- USB cable
- Hard Drive Caddy with 2 Keys
- 80GB Hard-drive
USB Keyboard
- $10 gift card to beat port

Setup could not be any easier. If you hate connecting various wires to and from different components, then the HDMix is a great system for you. Simply connect a music source or load your music into the internal hard drive and you are ready to DJ. I am not kidding you when I say that you could run into a party with an HDMIX and have the place jumping in less than 30 seconds. This makes the HDMIX perfect for many mobile DJs.

In my opinion there are two main features that make this unit superior to other dual-deck consoles. First, I was impressed by the variety of options you have for playing music (MP3, WAV, & AAC Files) through the HDMIX. The following are all the inputs you have available:

- 80 GB internal hard drive (you can replace this with a bigger HD, max is 1 TB).
- CD/DVD Drive
- External Hard Drive (via usb)
- External music player (i.e. an MP3 player)

Best of all, you can use any combination of these inputs by assigning them to channels on the unit.

The second standout feature is the inclusion of a full color LCD Screen that acts as a command system for the unit. You can control a variety of functions from here - the most useful of which are setting system preferences, browsing your music, switching between your various inputs, and creating custom playlists on the fly. You simply control the The LCD Screen using buttons located underneath it along with a push select knob. I found this to be a quick and effective way to search for tracks and add them to a channel (the HDMIX also allows you to search for tracks through an included keyboard). Numark did a great job of fitting a number of key functions into this panel without making it confusing or cumbersome. It absolutely is the highlight of the unit.

The HDMIX is a dual-deck unit with three Channels. On the rear it has a power input, XLR Output, RCA Output (Master), and RCA Output (Zone). Then it has three channels inputs, with channels 1 and 3 having phono/line-level and 2 only having line-level. Lastly it has two ¼ microphone inputs and a 3 USB Ports. One of the ports is used to connect the unit to your computer for transferring your music while the other two are used for connecting external hard drives or MP3 players. If you would like to connect more than 2 USB devices, you have the option of using a hub to expand to more USB inputs. You could also connect the keyboard that comes with the unit to one of these USB inputs.

In the front of the unit you have the CD/DVD Drive, Eject button, Hard Drive, The hard-drive lock, and the headphone outputs (1/4 or 1/8).. Next to the CD/DVD drive there is the unit’s hard drive. I find this unit having a hard drive extremely useful for mobile DJs as you can store your entire collection within the unit – eliminating the need to carry anything else with you. Right out of the box, you can store up to 80GB of music but this is expandable to 1TB if you buy a replacement hard drive.

Let’s start from the beginning, the Power Button. I found it interesting that you need to hold the button for two seconds to turn the unit off. This means that unlike with some other units,you won’t have problem of turning it off accidentally during a set. The HDMIX has two jog wheels, one for each deck. The jog wheel can be used for pitch-bending, scratching, cueing and searching. I found scratching to be difficult due to the size of the wheel as I am used to larger CD Decks or turntables. Each deck has a play/stutter button, pause and cue button along with a pitch slider. A button on top can adjust the pitch ranges from: 0% to 25% and -100% +25% and includes key-lock functionality to keep the sound from distorting when the speed is changed. The HDMIX can determine a track's BPM automatically but you can override this number by tapping on a button. Also helpful is the HDMIX's beatsync which includes a graphical representation of the beats that allows for easier blending. You can also easily create loops using the loop in, loop out, and reloop buttons.

Moving on…. Let’s talk more directly about the actual “mixer” of this unit. Like previously said, it has 3 channels. All channels with EQs, volume faders, cue buttons (to listen to each channel through your headphones) and a trim/gain knob. All faders are made out of plastic and some DJs will find that they lack the “feel” of quality faders found on Vestax and Rane units. As a DJ who likes to scratch, I found the HDMIX lacking in this area due to the performance of the fader and the inability to adjust its sensitivity for intense cutting. However, Many of the standard mixer features are included – including channel volumes, EQs, mic/headphone controls, and a cue/master crossfader. All of these features are pretty standard on most mixers and work as expected on this unit. Unfortunately, the HDMIX does not include any built-in sound effects.

The HDMIX is possibly the best all in one unit I have ever used, but is not right for all DJs. If you are a mobile DJ who doesn't rely on scratching or effects and values portability as well as ease of use, then the HDMIX can be a cost-effective solution for you. DJs buying their first piece of equipment should also seriously consider the unit, since it gives you everything you need to DJ (sans speakers) in one compact package. However, the cross-fader and jog wheels will probably not work well for DJs who enjoy including scratching or precise cuts into their sets. Similarly, those DJs who depend on effects may be disappointed by the HDMIX's lack of an effects module. Overall I would highly recommended this unit to hobby and mobile DJs but professional and high-performance DJs may find that it is lacking some of the features that allow them to add additional flair to their sets.

- All-in-one package – all you need is speakers. Easy setup
- Can play music from a variety of different inputs (DVD, CD, Hard Drive, Ipod, etc.)
- LCD Screen looks incredible and makes it easy to manage music and create playlists

- Faders and jog wheels do not work well for advanced scratching
- No effects built in
- Loading and playing tracks seemed to take longer when the unit was used for an extended period of time (3+ hours)

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Numark HDMIX Media Controller

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Features & Specs

* Professional DJ mixer with CD and expandable playback options
* CD player plays CDs, MP3-CDs, and MP3-DVDs
* 80GB hard drive is replaceable and upgradable up to 1TB
* High-definition color LCD screen
* Three input channels, each with with EQ and gain
* Two USB ports for connecting iPods, thumb drives, and hard drives
* Two mic, three line, and two phono inputs
* XLR master and RCA zone outputs;1/8" and 1/4" Headphone outputs
* Scratch with MP3, WAV, and AAC (unprotected) files
* Massively-wide pitch control -100% – +25%
* Key Lock lets you independently shift tempo and pitch
* Jog wheels for seamless looping, pitch control, and scratching
* Text search, letter-pick scrolling, and on-board playlist creation
* Track search by artist, album, song, genre, and BPM
* Create custom playlists while performing
* Keyboard included for fast searching
* Beatkeeper™ technology for auto-syncing loops and samples; TAP override
* Transfer tracks between HDMIX and your Mac or PC via USB

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